Aromatherapy and Cannabis: A Match Made In Plant Heaven

There’s nothing as wonderful as cracking open a fresh jar of cannabis and inhaling all of its complex aromas—each mingling together to form a unique scent fingerprint that each strain bears. As our understanding of the plant progresses, we’re able to sniff out how similar many of cannabis’ terpenes are to the plants that didn’t grow under an 82-year-long research and consumption ban. 

Aromatherapy was once regarded as a frivolous non-science, despite the frequent use of the techniques in many conventional remedies. But today that is changing. 

Aromafloria, a bicoastal beauty company with bases in New York City and Los Angeles-based, has incorporated essential oil remedies into consumer care products for three decades. 

Terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis; they are present in every flower, fruit and tree in existence. COmpanies that incorporate these aromatic oils in their products will be part of future beauty and wellness trends. 

Aromafloria has known this, and many of their products work in the same way that cannabis does—using terpenes to guide effects on the brain and body, though in this case without cannabinoids. This makes perfect sense, as linalool–a terpene known for its calming properties–is found in strains like Headband as well as  flowers like lavender. 

Their newest offering, Cannafloria, blends the aromatic benefits of hemp and traditional aromatherapeutic plants like herbs. The line covers everything from bubble bath, to bath milk and bath fizz, to mood mists, aromatherapy roll-ons, sugar scrubs and shower gel. 

Being in business over three decades means that Aromafloria is operating at a level of knowledge that many beauty companies cannot attain. Founded by Sharon Christie, Aromafloria and Cannafloria are her plant-based magnum opus. Through these products, she brings her talents and skills as a pharmacist, chemist, and aromatherapist to the lab—and to beauty shelves. Christie’s passion is using these tools to improve people’s well-being and mood. She saw right away how cannabis could further empower this goal. 

Scents for the line encompass different varieties of cannabis, which are paired with other herbs and flowers. The line encompasses seven different pairings: “Be Calm” with lavender and chamomile, “Be Energized” with lime and basil, “Be Soothed” with ginger and lemon, “Be Clear” with eucalyptus and tea tree, “Be Refreshed” with ylang ylang and hops, “Be Focused” with rosemary and mint, and “Be Sensual” with neroli and sandalwood. 

Each variety comes in the full range of products, giving you a delightful scent in creams, bath additives and roll-ons.

The pairings do more than smell good. Each category is intended to play on your emotions, and are formulated to hydrate skin. Hemp oil is used for maximum omega 3 softening power. Despite being non-psychoactive, hemp is a wonderful emollient that many brands turn to for skincare products with a light finish. 

You may see Cannafloria in some interesting places as they roll out, but for now keep an eye on the Aromafloria space, where getting an essential oil fix has always been the main mission.

Cannafloria is breaking ground not only by flexing terpenes into bath and beauty products in a unique new way, but also with an understanding that cannabis is just another aromatic plant, and that we can use it not only for intoxication but also our well-being and daily grooming routines. 

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