Balenz Sport’s CBD Massage Oil Is a Must-Have This Summer

Hemp Boca started carrying Balenz Sport’s CBD Massage and Anointing Oil, and whether you are an athlete seeking relief from soreness for performance reasons, or simply seeking that extra skin smoothness this summer, this product will do the trick. It’s infused with 20mg of hemp extract, and sells for $36 per 4oz /118ml per container. Made in the USA at an FDA registered facility, Balenz Sport products are organic, metal, solvent, and pesticide free, and additionally gluten free and vegan—they really thought of everything—and some consumers need these assurances on the label for medical or safety reasons.

This oil, which comes in a bottle with a convenient cap to squirt out just a little bit of oil, promises to tackle musculoskeletal discomfort and relieve muscle and joint pain, while also soothing soreness and aches, and it feels great on your skin. With a perfect blend of CBD & all natural botanicals, such as Olive Fruit Oil, Commipnora myrrna Oil, Cassia Leaf Oil, Cinnamon, Leaf Oil, and PCR Hemp Oil.

We decided to experiment with the oil in a few different ways, and put its usefulness to the test. Granted that it’s finally officially summer and scorching hot, those who shoot their shot with sunbathing to boot the ghastly pale that winter in NYC might suffer from sunburn as we did. That’s where Balenz Sport’s oil came in handy: after applying the oil all over the sunburnt areas, it helped smooth out the pain from the burns, as well as cool down the skin’s temperature—just don’t expose areas treated with the oil to UV rays, only after.

Albeit being very liquid (not a flaw, more of a surprise), the oil feels incredible on skin. It smells delicious, with its hint of cinnamon and, when applied, it spreads well, dries quickly, and doesn’t leave behind a trail of annoyingly “oily” oil, if you catch our drift. Oils sometimes take a very long time to sink in, and stain any item of clothing that has the misfortune of coming near it, but not this one. A big perk of this oil is that it dries quickly, and you don’t need to wait a long time before you can get dressed. 

Later we experimented with the oil for joint pain from a stiff neck, and a third time just to test out its moisturizing/hydration properties. Truthfully, the oil did not make that much of a difference in terms of relieving pain, but it nourished the skin well. The areas where it’s applied are left soft and bouncy—this can be the perfect summer product to add to your skin care routine!

Overall, we really liked Balenz Sport’s CBD Massage and Anointing Oil, and summer is the perfect season to keep it on hand. Always wear sunscreen, but if you forget, this oil is great to help with the aftermath, sunburn.

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