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With the cannabis industry booming in recent years, I can’t help but notice the influx of new cannabis products sweeping across the market. I’ve had my fun messing around with different types of roll-ups, bongs, bowls, etc. You name it, I’ve smoked from it.

But, nothing I tried made me want to come back for seconds. As such, my go-to is whatever papers the corner store has available. As long as it gets the job done, right?

It wasn’t until the brand, Beautiful Burns, caught my eye as I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram waiting for my class to begin. At first glance, I took note of the vibrancy that emits from each photo; the feminine flare was coming in hot! I was hooked after I laid my eyes on the turquoise cheetah print design.

I was compelled to have these, since impulsive decisions are nothing new to me. One click in their bio directed me right to Amazon, my partner in crime that promotes impetuous decisions on the regular.

The next day, I received my order. It was go time. The packaging was very sleek with the papers visible and the brands initials smack in the middle.


The packs comes with four packing sticks, and eight pre-rolled cones. Each has a non-smokable, non-reusable tip attached. The tips are made of paper and foil.

These are the claims they have posted on Amazon:

  • Ultra thin and slow burning
  • Natural coloring made from edible, tasteless hempseed and soy oils with natural pigments
  • Natural eco-friendly palm pulp rolling paper
  • Beautiful and unique style

Putting Beautiful Burns to the Test

Over the course of a week, I smoked six of these pre-rolls in order to get a good feel for the papers. Plus, I couldn’t wait to show them off.

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The cones pack an average of 1-1.5 grams each—depending how close to the top you want to go. To me, it seemed like a lot of bud for one joint; the last thing you want to do is waste it.

The whole process took me two minutes to get the joint ready to smoke. The papers are not ultra thin or sheer like other cones I have used; they are durable.

After sparking this up, my concerns about the over abundance of weed was immediately put to rest. They stuck to their word when they claimed that these papers burn slow. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised by how many rounds this joint went with such little ash produced. There was nothing but positive comments from anyone who tried these pre-roll papers.

Nevertheless, each time I smoked one of these cones I could guarantee a smooth even burn, with the exception of cutting it a little too close to the filter at times (we’ve all been there).

There was no funny taste to interfere with the flavor of the herb. As such, I would categorized it as an all natural experience with Mary Jane, thanks to Beautiful Burn’s sustainable ingredients.

Contrary to the use of blunts wraps, which contain tobacco and can become addictive, Beautiful Burns offers a safer way to consume cannabis. For example, their pre-rolls don’t contain additives or chemical. Due to the use of palm pulp to create these papers, this company proves to be mindful of their consumers’ health.

Serious Sex Appeal

These papers are far from discrete. With Beautiful Blunts’ eye catching colors and reflective silver tips, they actually cast a luxurious vibe. It feels wrong to say about papers, but they bring on some serious sex appeal to the smoking experience. I felt like a bad bitch.

The aesthetics of this product can cause this brand to prosper substantially. My pals and I even talked about bringing some hiking so we can have some fun photo shoots. There’s a lot of creativity that can be put to use by having these pre-roll papers on deck.

Consumers can easily find a set of pre-rolls to fit their personality with their large selection of colors and designs. When it comes to smoking, it’s all about the experience, and these papers will totally take it up a few notches. Beautiful Burns Instagram hints that they release new designs and mixes of packaging frequently—so users will truly never get bored.

I’m anxiously awaiting the release of their latest, spring line because I certainly will be purchasing these again (two of my friends already have)! I praise this companies use of sustainable ingredients along with delivering a product that’s true to its description. Well done Beautiful Burns.






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