Big nuggets in little Monterey: We Speculate Which Big Little Lies star is a WeedMom

The second season of Big Little Lies is up and running on HBO and to no surprise, trending the internet. Whether it be viewers love for drama, the amazing cast of bad-ass actresses, which now includes the ever-lovely Meryl Strep, the people are loving it. 

If you’re not up to speed on the show, essentially, it follows the dark tale of five moms in luxurious Monterey, California as their lives unravel through a series of dramas—even murder. With season one having earned itself eight Emmy awards, we’d say it’s worth checking out. 

Now, if you’re anything like us here at the Emerald, you probably like to enjoy your binge watching with a joint to assist in your couch-potatoing ritual. Thus raising the question, which of the “Monterey Five” wraps up their drama-filled days by packing a bowl by the beach? 

The obvious guess, of course, would be Bonnie. Portrayed by Zoë Kravtiz (who’s previously noted her cannabis use to Rolling Stone) is the most free and relaxed character of the bunch. Turning to yoga to decompress from the daily stresses and drama that come with being a mom in Monterey, Bonnie is portrayed as the “hippie of the group,” and continuously rocks a loving, laid-back demeanor that is often associated with cannabis advocacy.  

However, while Bonnie is almost certainly the biggest stoner of the group, she’s gotta be getting the greens from somewhere. We’re guessing Renata would more likely be the hook-up. 

As the most career-driven of the five, Renata Klein is known to be one of the most powerful women in Monterey. While she’s made out to be the sort-of villain in season one, she’s never afraid to confront a problem and will do whatever it takes to fund a great life for her daughter Amabella. Sure, at first glance you probably wouldn’t suspect Renata to be a cannabis queen, but the same bullish attitude and hunger for money that made her a successful tech executive, make her the most likely candidate for the position of bad-ass plug. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to pick up from the same reliable woman who made it known to the entire county, “Do not fuck with my daughter’s birthday.”

Jokes aside (well, sort of), the show can get pretty dark. So, if you’re looking for comic relief during your binging, or just can’t get enough of Meryl Streep, head over to Instagram and check out @tasteofstreep. Run by actress-turned-graphic designer, Samantha Raye, the account combines three of the internet’s — and the worlds, favorite things; art, food, and Meryl Streep. The enticing and hilarious photos which combine high-quality food photography with images of Streep have earned the account over 200,000 followers.


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