Canna-Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are always a big party favorite. Ditch the traditional version and wow your cannabis loving friends with these buttery, sugar dusted gems. They’re fun, delicious and guaranteed to be memorable!  

Makes 24 cookies

Prep Time: 15 minute

Idle Time: 1 hour

Baking Time: 8-10 minutes


Approximate Dosage (based on infusing 3.5gms dried/decarbed cannabis into 1 stick of butter — starting cannabis weight before dry/decarb was 7gms)

10%: 7 mg

15%: 10 mg

20%: 14 mg


You will need:

2 ½” round or large cannabis leaf shaped cookie cutter

1” round or small cannabis leaf shaped cookie cutter



½ cup unsalted grass fed butter, softened

4 Tablespoons Jeff’s Light Tasting Cannabutter (visit for recipe)

½ cup raw cane sugar

1 egg yolk

Zest of ½ lemon

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon almond extract

1 cup All-Purpose flour

¾ cup finely ground almonds

pinch of salt

Raspberry or Strawberry jam (I like to use a cannabis infused jam like “Flower Child” to kick it up a notch)  



  1. Preheat oven to 340ºF
  2. Cream butter, cannabutter, sugar, egg yolk, almond and vanilla. 
  3. In a separate bowl, mix flour, ground almonds, and salt.
  4. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and combine.
  5. Add lemon zest and fold into dough.
  6. Divide the dough into 2 discs and wrap each in plastic wrap.
  7. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour (can be refrigerated up to 3 days).
  8. On a lightly floured surface, roll out one disk of dough until ¼” thick.
  9. Using a 2 ½” round or cannabis leaf shaped cookie cutter, cut out 24 cookie bottoms and place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
  10. Chill cookie bottoms in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  11. While chilling, roll out the second disc to ¼” thick and cut out Cookie tops using the same cookie cutter.
  12. Now create your “peekaboo top” cooking by taking the small cookie cutter and making a cutout in the center of each top cookie.   
  13. Bake 7-9 minutes or until very lightly browned. Let cook for about 10 minutes.
  14. Place ½ teaspoon of jam on the bottom half of each cookie and cover with the top cookie.
  15. Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar and voilà!


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