Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition 2016

The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo brought the biggest heads in the industry together at the annual conference in Los Angeles and the Emerald Magazine was there to catch it.

In September the 2106 CWCBExpo came to the Los Angeles Convention Center and with it four days of seminars, expositions and networking all about the cannabis industry

Here attendees learned everything from a glossary of the the medical cannabis industry to the finer points in cultivating your cannabis or hemp seeds.

Among the speakers were Montel Williams who has been a medical marijuana and cannabis proponent since being diagnosed with MS in 1999. Another keynote speaker included Snoop Dogg’s manager and entrepreneur, Ted Chung who cofounded Mary Jane.

Mr. Williams is still creating a buzz (pun intended) and I was here to learn and take notes. His message was clear and to the point but mostly, it was honest. He said that as he walked through the convention floor that he saw “Medical Marijuana” signs everywhere.

“But this is Not medicine yet,” he said.

He stressed that point that if not researched enough, some of these products could end up hurting patients.

“Before we can call it medicine, [we] first have to hold medical trials, to test it against an equal alternative.”

Expo floor

The expo floor was expansive and represented of the growth of the cannabis industry.

Networking companies and groups like NORML, VANGST and KALGIA had great boots with plenty of information for jobseekers and advocates. The Cannabis Career Institute offered courses about the ins and outs of the industry and how cannabis affects your body.

The famous Stanley Brothers from Colorado brought their Charlotte’s Web there and DROGX had probably the best tasting CBD infused drink I’ve had so far.

CLEARBAGS and Sun Grown Packaging showed of different variations of storing and packaging cannabis and CBD that would allow for optimal freshness.

Even enormous safes for storing your medicine were on display, right next to a exhibit booth for CBD lip balm and an accounting firm.

The expo was the perfect display of a budding business with many facets. We look forward to near year’s Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo!  

Written by Sasa Bjork

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