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Humboldt’s Craft Beverage Highlights

Humboldt County gets a lot of tourists coming to Northern California this time of year.  Many come to get away from the heat, while many come to get away from general urban madness.  As I like to tell folks who have never visited the area:  “There’s not a lot of people or traffic, and we […]


Make Mine Pink

Big, Beefy Farmer Dudes Drink Pink Wine.    I snapped this photo in Burgundy, France in a rural hamlet holding their annual summertime ‘vide-grenier’ which literally means ‘free the attic.’ It translates to what we call a yard sale. In France the whole village has a yard sale – it’s a collective activity.  My travel […]


The Science of Hard Cider

Vinum, et al   The compound 4-etheyl phenol can wreak havoc on low-alcohol fermented beverages.  It’s produced by contaminant, or rogue, Brettanomyces yeasts (Brett, for short).  At low levels, 4-ethyl phenol contributes to flavor complexity in red wine, beer and hard cider. Excessively bretty beverages, however, have a powerful ‘band-aid’ or barnyard note.     […]


Cool Climate Wines

Vinum, et al Cool Climate Wines   An effect of global warming has been the emergence of new cool climate wine regions.  The Australian island of Tasmania, Moravia (Czech Republic), England and Michigan, among others, are producing stunning wines.   And then there’s Humboldt County – on the verge of emerging.   HumCo’s oldest (and […]


Vinum, ET AL

PAM LONG – Food and wine pairings for December’s gatherings are as varied as there are, well, foods and wines. I called around to a few local wine pros and asked them to share their favorite combos. If domoic acid is still a Dungeness crab issue when this goes to print, Trinity River Vineyards winemaker […]

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Wrangletown Cider Cmpany

  The year is 1880. The location is Wrangletown, California, modern-day Freshwater. A pair of strong-willed frontier women are doing what they are known best for: Fighting in the middle of the street. Fast-forward 135 years, and another strong-willed Wrangletown resident, not known for fighting in the streets (to this author’s knowledge), is founding the […]


Building Your Cannabis Brand

Building Your Cannabis Brand  Matthew Owen Can you name me one Humboldt, Trinity or Mendocino County grower that is asked for by name when purchasing cannabis? Neither can I, and that’s the problem.   If you don’t have a name brand with market awareness then you are simply producing an agricultural commodity, and its game […]


Cabot Vineyards

Cabot Vineyards -Jessica Lang- We love creating wines in this beautiful, wilderness area of California. Cabot Vineyards has the northernmost vineyards and winery in California. We are surrounded by National Forest and a scenic river which makes our location ideal.   At our family-run winery we make wines as unique as the place they come […]

V-G bottle shots& glass

Violet-Green Winery

Violet-Green Winery By Jasmine Lang   When we are all joining with family and friends this holiday season, we must remind ourselves of the significance of the love we are surrounded by, the love that inspires us throughout our many endeavors in life. When you are celebrating with your loved ones, you should take a […]


Destination: Hopland

Destination: Hopland By Jasmine Lang Your weekend passport to the heart of Mendocino wine country has arrived.     Hopland Passport for two, please! If you are a wine lover looking to explore the northern West Coast, here is your chance to experience beautiful Mendocino County. In the heart of the Russian River, your next […]

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