CBD For Life Rub is a Lifter’s Elixir

By Samantha Wahl


Two booming subcategories of self-care are cannabis and fitness. A women-made combination of the two reigns supreme. Nothing revives a fatigued body post-workout quite like CBD, the infamous discomfort cure-all. 

Like guardian angels, the team at CBD For Life was kind enough to hook the Emerald up with its signature pain-relief Rub, thus blessing our achy muscles. 

Recipe: Check

The rub’s first two ingredients are hemp extracts, and it shows. This is not a speck-of-CBD-buried-within-a-laundry-list-of-chemicals situation. There are no sketchy alcohols or parabens. Just cannabis, and all-natural oils.

Consistency: Check 

Beeswax-based salves have a tendency to feel waxy on the skin. Nobody wants to feel like they’re carrying around an outer layer of petroleum jelly. This stuff is like a miracle balm. It instantly disappears when applied, leaving no viscous coating behind.

Aroma: Check

Who doesn’t love a good minty canna-combo? Immediately upon lifting its lid, the rub smells both menthol-forward and pleasantly sweet. Once applied, its only traces are its soothing scent, and the calming feeling it lends the tendons.

Effects: Check

Lifters know that the soreness following weight-training is unlike any pain experienced after simple body-weight exercises. CBD For Life’s original rub leaves tender shoulders and biceps with soothing alleviation. It’s good for lower back pain, too.

Aesthetics Aside, the Industry Could Learn a Lesson From the CBD For Life Message

CBD For Life is the real deal. They’re a family-founded, women-owned company that prides on cannabis-use as a way of life, not a fad. They truly believe in the power of CBD, and their products reflect that sincerity.

So, in the True Spirit of Realness, Let’s Go There

Big cannabis brands are, more often than not, male-dominated, corporate power-hounds. As a result, womxn in CBD wellness are confined to boxes of buzzword-fueled, trendy bullshit in order to find an accepting space. This is also present in fitness, as the industry markets exercise completely differently to women as they do to men. But as these cultures progress, we see more women professionals reclaiming inclusivity and normalization within their products. Consumers need to direct their attention and dollars toward these inspiring people. That’s how we can change the imbalanced landscape, and push for entrepreneurial equality. Start with CBD For Life.

Emerald contributor since September 2019


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