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Summer is in full swing. 

We’re talking late nights, beach trips, a whole lot of sun, and you guessed it — dry, tired, skin. 

As much as we love to soak in the sunshine, though, it’s hugely important that we are looking out for the temples we call our body. 

Luckily, many CBD-infused skin and self-care products are emerging, as the compound shows promise in a variety of functions, from stress relief, to dryness

Michelle Green, M.D. explained to Byrdie that, “There are studies that show CBD oil improves acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to control sebum production.” 

“It is a botanical antioxidant, which makes it a powerhouse for anti-aging protection from environmental damage improving the skin’s texture and tone,” she added.

Well By Caliva

Well by Caliva is a wellness line of high quality, hemp-derived, CBD goodies brought to consumers by Caliva, one of leading cannabis brands in California. 

Featuring hemp CBD and additional herbal ingredients, Well By Caliva is striving to bring the power of plants to the community, and help customers lead well-lived lives. 

Here’s What I Thought…

Upon spending the week down the shore, I was, quite literally, itching to try out the new Well By Caliva products on my post-beach body.

First up, I tried the Well Restored Moisturizing Serum. 

Infused with 200mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, the Restore Moisturizing Serum is created to restore and hydrate your skin. 

Deeming my fresh-of the beach skin the perfect test subject, my experiment consisted of applying the serum every night following my post-beach shower. 

Right off the bat, I was wowed by the packaging of this product. While I find that some skin-care products lack that curb-appeal, this sleek, simple box and bottle feature just enough design thought and information, without being overwhelming. 

While the label states to apply the oil before moisturizing, or to add a few drops to your moisturizer, I found that the oil itself provided my skin with enough moisture, unaccompanied. 

A small two or three drops were sufficient, leaving my face soft, and moisturized. And while I might typically find myself snarking at the $49 price point, I can already tell this 1oz bottle will last me long enough not to care. 

Further, I found the smell of this product to be much more pleasant than other CBD skin-oils I’ve tried. While it definitely smelled of cannabis, it was subtle enough to enjoy. 

Overall, I found this oil to be the perfect product to add to your seasonal skin-care routine. 

With each night of use, my face felt more and more hydrated. I was achieving the glow you normally only access with a Snapchat filter. 

If you’re looking for something to hydrate and soften your dry, sun-exposed skin, the Well Restored Moisturizing Serum is available here

The Emerald’s rating = 5/5 stars. 

Next up

Next up was the Well Balanced Mellow Out Bath Bomb

Containing both calming lavender and soothing peppermint oils, I used the bath bomb as soon as I returned home from the beach, in an attempt to peacefully reintegrate myself into the week.   

Before even opening the adorable cardboard box, the aroma ignited tranquility. 

Formulated with 60mg of hemp-derived CBD, the silky, smooth water felt like butter on my skin. 

The combination of herbal ingredients helped me quickly find balance in my weighted shoulders, and wash away the day’s stress. 

Not to mention, the peaceful aroma had me ready to hit the hay immediately after bathing. I’d recommend this one for night time use. 

Coming in at $18, this bath bomb feels a bit pricey for common usage. However, it makes for a great way to treat-yo-self, or a friend, to some extra special relaxation. 

After all, it is National Wellness Month. You deserve it!

The Emerald’s rating = 4.5/5 stars.


Written by Rita Thompson


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