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Decadently Delightful Functional Confectionary Art By Cannabis Chef Rebekah Johnson




In time for Valentine’s Day this year, a sweet treat hits the market for the cannabis consumer who’s not only a connoisseur of the fine herb but also loves chocolate. Most people have an insatiable love for this delectable decadence of confectionery bliss. If you’re one of those many individuals who adores all things chocolate, you’re going to love this. How about combining cannabis with a functional piece of chocolate art, like the chocolate bong or pipe? That’s correct, you heard that right. You can get a unique chocolate this Valentine’s day or any day for that matters. I’m giving myself the munchies just thinking about it.

Here’s how it all started, and how you can get your hands on this sweet functional confectionery art. Rebekah Johnson is the visionary responsible for bringing this concept to life. Before I tell you how the Chocolate Bong came to be, let me tell you  about this incredible cannabis chef.

Cannabis Chef Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah grew up in a large family with seven brothers and two sisters. Her mother was an Italian chef. Rebekah lived in Texas where she had a love of food from the start. She always had “a nerdy flair” as she put it, some might even say a hippie Gypsy side. She moved to Asia where she spent six years studying the art of cooking with cannabis with a toxicologist to learn the results of her work in depth. After six years, she decided to come back to the U.S., where she attended the Art Institute Culinary School to obtain her certification in the states.

Rebekah can work with cannabis and cuisine on a unique level most others can’t. Known as the “Cannabis Chefs of CO,” or @chefdankadank on Twitter, she also studied with a chocolatier at Haute Chocolate where she was responsible for catering, sculptures, decor and chocolates that were cannabis inspired.

Wrapping It Up With More Than A Joint

Chef Rebekah has more talents in the kitchen then whipping up a good meal; she can tantalize the senses, tempt the taste buds and stimulate your cannabinoid receptors all with one bite.

Sitting back chillaxin, Chef Rebekah was rather baked and thought like many of us have at one time or another and said to herself, “I wish I could eat this bong.” That was all it took. With her confectionery and culinary skills make this creation came to life. Rebekah has worked exclusively with toxicology experts regarding cannabis and knows much more than just how to make edibles. Be sure to check back for an update about Chef Rebekah Johnson as we look deeper into the world of culinary cuisine and terpenes. Thanks for reading this sweet piece, stay lifted and gifted buds!

You can contact Chef Bekah by visiting her website

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