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By Lucy Dagnillo, Greenlove Denver

Dr. Robert Flanery has always had a passion for plants. While playing football at UC Davis, Robert studied Biology, gaining a reputation as the “ultimate flower nerd.”

After graduating Robert decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at UC Davis with an emphasis in Environmental Horticulture, making him one of the only people in the cannabis industry currently with this particular background in floriculture.

Robert holds a specific expertise in hydroponic crop optimization for cut-flower production that led him to cannabis in the early 2000s when he started to research and create processes to modernize growing techniques.

In 2013, Dr. Robb worked as the Production Director at SPARC Dispensary in San Francisco, overseeing five facilities. He managed every segment of cannabis cultivation, including genetics, harvest, production, packaging and delivery of final product to retail.

Three years later, while working at SPARC, he received a phone call that would change his life and career path forever. His mom had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Fortunately, doctors had caught the cancer in time, but his mother would have to go through various rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to combat the cancer.

It was during that time that Robbie’s mom expressed the desire to consume cannabis during treatment in order to relieve the harsh symptoms associated with chemotherapy.

Dr. Robb knew he needed to provide his mom with a safe, controlled method of consumption. She was not comfortable with traditional methods of smoking cannabis so Dr. Robb had to come up with a safe alternative for her to use during her chemotherapy.

Mom’s Formula

As a direct response to his mother’s cancer diagnosis, Dr. Robb created “Mom’s Formula” micro dose CBD:THC tablets that were a safe consumption method for people looking for an alternative to smoking. Mom’s Formula comes in various CBD:THC microdose ratios of 5:1 CBD to THC, 1:1 CBD to THC and 1:5 CBD to THC, offering consumers the opportunity to find their ideal ratio of cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-intoxicating counterpart to THC that is becoming more appealing to mainstream consumers. It is noted for its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, pain relief, nausea and insomnia benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. Utilizing the Mom’s Formula as a daily “multivitamin” is great way to boost one’s overall health and well-being.

Many consumers have noticed a significant decrease in sleepless nights, pain relief for various ailments and a more general sense of health and well-being when used consistently. Dr. Robb has noticed that the formula helps to slow his brain down at night, allowing him to go to sleep more easily while easing stress and anxiety within the body and mind.

Microdosing is becoming more popular as it provides the consumer with a controlled, specifically dosed product. For new consumers, microdosing is appealing as there are less concern of overconsumption as the tablets contain only 2.5 mg of THC.

Currently, Mom’s Formula can be found in dispensaries across Orange County, LA and San Francisco, selling for $40.00 for 30 tablets.

Dr. Robb’s Future

As California works through the legalization process, Dr. Robb plans to continue to work closely with legislators to write and influence laws and regulations. It is important as a business owner to have an influence over legislation in order to ensure that the laws in place are fair for all businesses involved in the cannabis industry.

Dr. Robb is also honored to be the Vice Chair of the Agriculture Committee for the California Cannabis Industry Association. He hopes to continue to push for cannabis research for commercial cultivations seeking more sustainable ways to grow cannabis.

California’s indoor cultivations are currently accounting for 3% of the state’s electricity usage, making it imperative to come up with sustainable lighting options for the future. In response to the rising electricity-consumption issues, Dr. Robb has been reviewing LED technology for indoor cultivation.  

Robert is also interested in greenhouse cultivation and the concept of CO2 injection in order to increase terpene and cannabinoid profiles within plants.

The cannabis industry needs business professionals to continue to push this movement forward, and that’s exactly what Dr. Robb aims to do. With a strong educational background in horticulture and a passion for safe, responsible cannabis use, Dr. Robb will continue to make waves in the industry, working closely with legislators and business owners in the industry to ensure that consumers are receiving the best product possible.

If you are interested in Dr. Robb’s story, learn more about is company online at www.DrRobbfarms.com, or locate their products in a California dispensary near you.


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