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“He aims to showcase that the industry is as diverse as the many different strains of cannabis found around the world.”

There are so many different people in pot today, it’s hard to showcase them all. However, this is exactly what one individual named Craig Ex is doing. Every Thursday at 4:20 p.m. PST, Craig showcases the many individuals throughout the cannabis community by broadcasting their stories to the world on his weekly YouTube show, “Expert Joints LIVE!”

“Expert Joints LIVE!” is broadcast out of Pot TV Studios, located at the Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada (known to many as ‘Vansterdam’). Craig, founder and owner of Expert Joints, also known as ‘The Expert,’ was not always in the cannabis industry. In fact, countless hours and years were spent working for others in the corporate world. Since the age of eight, Craig became involved in acting, theater, and the performing arts. This was never something he pursued, though, as a ‘job in business’ was encouraged by many as ‘what you’re supposed to do.’

At the age of 15, his world changed when a friend managed to sneak a joint from his older sister. Together, the two were introduced to Mary Jane. Mary Jane and Craig became extremely close over the years, developing as one might say, an expert relationship. After a few years with cannabis, Craig became known as the go-to guy when it came to any questions about the herb. He was also the one that always had that fire!

The Expert went to school for commerce and for hospitality management; and spent years in the industry managing Fortune 500 companies. But, something was missing, he explains. Craig tried to find the right fit for years. Working 120 hours per week for other people took a toll on his physical and mental health — he had to walk away from the corporate world.

It took Craig a little time to regroup. Then, the idea for Export Joints was born. “I was sick and tired of seeing poorly recorded ‘how to roll joint’ videos that contained wack advice.” This inspired him to create a series of videos dedicated to cannabis culture. With commitment, passion and dedication, Craig taught himself how to use social media, broadcast and edit videos, and how to navigate WordPress, among many other skills.

Once these processes had been perfected enough to be applied, the concept, website and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube came together beautifully. Craig took the series and built it into a networking success, cultivating strong roots within the cannabis community in the form of videos, articles, reviews and more. Expert Joints has grown into a multi-platform media outlet that appeals to all cannabis enthusiasts. With more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, 60,000 plus followers on Twitter and more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see how Expert Joints can reach so many.

Through dedication and commitment, the self-hosted and produced “Expert Joints LIVE!” show was launched and refined. Meeting more and more individuals throughout the cannabis community, Craig strengthened his network, and after 26 episodes, the series joined Cannabis Culture’s ‘Pot TV’ broadcast team. He now hosts live specials and events, performs at speaking engagements and consults for a number of organizations across the field. All this is done while working to grow the Cannabis Culture, Pot TV, and Expert Joints brands globally.

Craig’s show hosts of a variety of special guests from cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs, to activists, musicians and more. He aims to showcase that the industry is as diverse as the many different strains of cannabis found around the world. During an episode of his show, viewers can expect to see him interview members of the cannabis industry, and observe him consuming concentrates and herbs while providing live reviews. He also give audiences the latest cannabis news in his news recap. Often times you will also get to view music videos and other forms of entertainment from up-and-coming artists or educational speeches from expert leaders.

There is no question in Craig’s mind — this is what he has always been meant to do. Cannabis culture has done more than just give him his health back; it has allowed him to finally start living the life he was always meant to, “I can’t stay up late enough, or get up early enough; there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do. And I love it.” Says Craig, A.K.A. The Expert. 

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The opportunities are endless in this growing green landscape. With a rapidly expanding network and new content coming in regularly, Expert Joints has positioned itself in the community as the go-to source for information. More services and partnerships are coming soon, allowing Craig to turn an herbal hobby into a blooming business. 

Craig Ex. Photo by Marybeth Lafferty

Written by James Priest

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