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Like many who come to Humboldt County, California, Humble Flower Co. owner Thea Wayne came for school. Drawn to the redwoods and the beautiful coastline, she was just 17 when she arrived from her hometown of Homer, Alaska seven years ago.

Initially a degree in International Studies and the promise of travel as a student with Humboldt State University inspired the move. Her degree allowed her to study abroad in Chile after graduating; then to Nepal, where she created an online marketplace to raise funds for a group of women she worked with.

“I lived in a small village outside of Kathmandu and worked closely with a women’s agricultural cooperative,” she shared. “They compile their savings together so that women can take out loans from the collective savings to expand their farms – or start a small business.”

“They are now in the process of raising money for a cooperative facility,” she happily reported. “I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and explore the idea of working in the nonprofit world.”

Although Wayne said she loves to travel and help others, her true passion is entrepreneurship, and soon the North Coast and its emerging legal cannabis industry was calling her home to Humboldt.

The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, as Wayne’s mother is an herbalist, and she was already familiar with the healing power of plants.

“I believe we are moving into a space where alternative and eastern methods of healing are more common and acceptable,” she continued. “I see it as very important for my cannabis business to focus on natural, organic, and wholesome products and ethos.”

Utilizing the natural healing properties of cannabis and other beneficial essential oils; with a line of vegan and organic-based products, Wayne feels her customers are receiving the most effective and safe remedies for real healing.

Wayne now has her own line of topical products with simple, but impressive packaging that include lotions, oils, bath salts, and massage oil.

“Humboldt County is a great place to have a cannabis business,” she said. “Farmers and legal representatives in this community are very proactive when it comes to protecting small cannabis farmers and manufactures – helping ease the transition into legalization.”

Wayne isn’t your typical cannabis patient, as she doesn’t smoke or ingest. Her own pain issues are mostly in her lower back, which she uses topicals to treat. Wayne said her own self-care was definitely a major factor in choosing what products to develop.

“When assessing what products I thought were missing from the market, I turned towards the natural skin care market – which is expanding just as quickly as the cannabis industry,” she said. “There was a big gap in the market for cannabis-scent-free products. The type of cannabis material I infuse into my own products, mixed with essential oils, leaves little to no residual cannabis scent, setting my line apart from many other topical brands.”

The proof is in the mix, as they say, and Humble Flower Co. customers are pleased with the outcome.

“Not only do these products smell incredible, they’re also very effective!” Humboldt resident Alexandra Grayling shared. “The salve in particular helps to soothe body aches I can’t massage or stretch out, and the jasmine lotion does wonders to relax me from head to toe. You can really tell how much love and care goes into these products and it feels great to be using something so wholesomely produced.”

Humble Flower Co. products can currently be found in dispensaries in Humboldt County, but will soon have a wider distribution throughout the state.

For more information visit, www.humbleflowerco.com or visit its Facebook and Instagram page @humbleflowerco

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