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By: Sarah Budgen 

Let’s say you’re looking for a way to connect with friends, coworkers or even strangers in a relaxed yet intimate setting. What kind of a party would you throw? In the past, you might have had drinks and food, but the past is over.

Food Flower Future are throwing a new kind of intimate gathering. They produce cannabis-infused dinners and other cannabis-related events that offer more than the meal itself. They’re setting the table for a more intimate way to connect with community, meaning and purpose. They collaborate with several cannabis companies to feature during their events, allowing them to highlight different players in the industry while cultivating an environment where guests can connect, converse and discuss cannabis’s future. 

Food Flower Future is the brainchild of Khara Pechtes, who has extensive experience in advertising and marketing. She was drawn to cannabis-infused events because when she was working her day job, wearing hats that ranged from project manager to account manager to producer, she felt a unique joy when it came to throwing events where food, art and music were involved. Her impulse to include cannabis in her events came from her roots as a massage therapist and her desire to merge health and wellness. 

Khara explained, “It’s so important to know how to heal ourselves at a time when we’re often overwhelmed by constant stimulation and never-ending work. It’s a simple concept, yet not an easy one it seems, to take five minutes to sit back, take a breath or a toke, and create space and balance. Cannabis helps.”

Khara wants to ensure that her events have an educational element so that attendees can get a 360-degree view of the history of the plant, the history of the industry and its founders, the experience of cultivation, the challenges of working on a farm, the obstacles involved in licensing and regulation and why cannabis is a healthy alternative to opioids.

Khara was also drawn to cannabis because the industry is one that women can thrive in. She has an innate desire to educate others, to build community around balance and shared experiences and stories. She said, “I love seeing our guests in deep conversation, laughing, smiling, sharing food and cannabis. Each person’s story is different, and conversations about them spark a genuine interest and compassion for who we are, and where we come from.”

What Khara didn’t say, but what was clear at her LA event, is that the act of sharing ourselves with others over a delicious meal is a healing experience in and of itself, because it helps guests to feel important and appreciated, and to feel that they are a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s an experience that every cannabis aficionado will love. 

Khara hopes Food Flower Future’s pairing events will grow in popularity so that the stigma of cannabis will begin to change, and so that many more people can benefit from cannabis’s healing powers. She stated, “Through Food Flower Future events, we want to give cannabis a positive outlook on what health and wellness should look like and what the future holds.” If Food Flower Future have their way, CBD cocktails and THC-infused dinners will become as commonplace as happy hours with alcohol and hors d’oeuvres. 

Food Flower Future’s Los Angeles five-course tasting event was a delight! The menu was a tour of the world. Among the courses, there were opportunities to smoke a joint provided by one of the sponsors. 





Welcome Mocktail

Upon arriving at the party, we all received a blood orange spring shandy with Baceae “Happy” CBD tincture. We were also given a Stone Road pre-roll OG Kush to start the evening out right.


First Bite

We started off the night with a red curry short rib dumpling. The dumpling had 2.5 mg of THC and was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. This was paired with Aloha Humboldt’s new Golden Lemons strain.



Then we had ramen, which was thick, fulfilling and delicious, also infused with 2.5 mg of THC. Although it was vegan, the broth was thick and the vegetables were perfectly balanced between soft and firm. When served, this came with a Remedy CBD pre-roll from Humboldt Farms.


Lettuce Wraps

Next, we had meat-filled lettuce wraps that came with fresh carrots and shaved vegetables. There were plenty of options to make this vegan as well. This was the only dish that was served family-style and was not infused. As we relaxed into the evening, we were [greeted with/enjoyed] an Indica strain from Flow Kana.



The night ended on a sweet note. For dessert, we had matcha white chocolate pudding atop a crumbly crust with 2.5 mg of THC. Which was paired with See Fenix’s CBD flower named Space Candy, it was out of this world.


By the end of the dinner, everyone at the table within talking distance of one another had launched into a conversation and exchanged numbers or contact info. The dinner was a blast, and everyone relaxed and had a chance to connect and share a few laughs. 

In the coming months, Food Flower Future will be partnering with specific brands as an exclusive event producer to focus on product launches or pop-up events while creating brand awareness. 

Food Flower Future give cannabis entrepreneurs a voice, creating a platform for them to shine with an up-close-and-personal touch at their intimate events. They will be producing events in San Diego and San Francisco this summer, and they are planning to do the same in New York, Toronto and Jamaica as well.

Whether you’re looking to throw an industry event or a private event, or just to have a special night, Food Flower Future will not disappoint! 

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