Full Flavor Cannabis CBD Flower and the Future

Sometimes when you get a batch of CBD flower, it has a taste that is more akin to a seedy batch of schwag than the fragrant bouquet of cannabis notes that many flower fans are used to.

It’s nothing personal, but most ‘hemp’ prerolls and flower taste old, grassy, and are not the same sensory experience that smoking full cannabinoid flower can be. Though it’s possible we just never tried the right kinds, which could mostly be blamed on access—until now—we found one that ticks some boxes. 

Post Farm Bill, people are bringing CBD that’s actually smokeable—not just processed into edibles and tinctures—to your very doorstep. When Berkshire’s CBD rolled up to our doorstep double sealed, we thought it was maybe THC in disguise!

It wasn’t missed, for now, as this high CBD packet of Cherry Wine hit the spot like we didn’t think was possible. For some people who combust cannabis, having a CBD option to slow the roll of THC or even cut it for a microdose in a macro package is a valuable tool if they don’t have the ability to buy properly ratioed flower freely like many do in fully legal states.

Cherry Wine was funky, fruity, and fabulous, just like much of the cannabis we love, and it didn’t disappoint with a still-calming softness that lingered for hours. One wonders if a cannaseur could even tell the cannabinoid difference in a taste test, but absent the psychedelic intoxication, its definitely not getting you stoned, and for some that’s a good thing!

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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