Girls Growin’ Wild #4: Woodman Peak Farm

Welcome to the Girls Growin’ Wild podcast, the show that talks about what it is like to be a womxn on the hill, and everything cultivation. This episode, we travel to the southern most county in the Emerald Triangle to Laytonville, CA to visit Woodman Peak Farm.

Guest and girlboss, Ariel, shares her journey of moving from Tennessee to the hills of Mendocino County, California where she’d heard of “people growing cannabis.”  She also discusses everything from trimming and harvest, to breeding seeds. Additionally, Ariel teaches Emerald audiences about creating hybrids like Banana Jam (a cross between Strawberry Jam and Banana Punch), and keeping an eye-out for males in the patch.

Ariel of Woodman Peak Farm


Emerald contributor since March 2012


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