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Healing Harbors was founded in 2016 by Stacy Moore. With determination and perseverance, the business took off, selling their first product in July 2017. Long before that, Moore was formulating and testing her own items, which eventually shaped Healing Harbors into the company it is today.

Healing Harbors mission is notably inspiring as they aim to bring healing help to as many people and their pets as possible. The main products are CBD-infused personal care items, along with their animal line.

Moore was a at-home health care worker with a patient who experienced a steep decline in quality of life, having lost all movement on the right side of their body following a massive stroke. The eureka moment came when Moore noticed that the patient was applying some cannabis salve on herself. She noticed that over time, the salve actually helped loosen up the range of motion and improve the patient’s motor skills, which made physical therapy much easier. From then on, Moore began to take classes so that she could learn about cannabis and its by-products. She eventually came up with a line that did just that. After more than a year of constantly changing up and improving her formulations, Moore was able to help her patient regain the ability to lift her right arm—a huge milestone and breakthrough. That patient became her first major investor.

Healing Harbors is headquartered in Brunswick, Maine, and make all their products in a commercial kitchen set against the backdrop of a picturesque organic farm. The location is something that the proprietors and their employees are in love with, and with good reason. They have a miniature horse, goats and a slew of lovely walking trails, and everything is aligned with the core values as well as the mission and vision of the company.

The owners of Healing Harbors also run a non-profit project called Growing to Give. It is already in its second year and is aiming to donate roughly 8,000 pounds of organic produce to local food banks as well as public pantries all over the community.

The company doesn’t have a retail store yet, but all their products are available online as well as in local Maine stores.

The biggest challenge Healing Harbors has faced as a company is the lack of education among customers. Many people are under the impression that CBD-related products will get them high, but this isn’t always the case. There are many different classifications and variations when it comes to the overall effects. Consumers often seem not to understand the difference between hemp and cannabis and can be doubtful about the therapeutic effects of CBD. There is still quite a lot of ground to cover, but the company aims to do its best to address questions head-on in larger community settings. Mainstream consumers are the largest population needing education.

Healing Harbors is the first “Maine Made” certified CBD brand. This is a title that it holds with great humility but with great honor as well. The company aims to ensure that the quality of its products not only is maintained but continues to improve.

Healing Harbors believes that its biggest contribution to the community so far is their effort to help build up other businesses by sourcing as many local ingredients as possible. Healing Harbors will also show up when friends need help harvesting or planting new crops. The company participates in local events to show support for other people and organizations. Just this summer, Healing Harbors helped raise thousands of dollars for families in need during the Harpswell Lobster Boat Races. This helped to bring awareness to suicide prevention. They also sponsored a fundraising dinner for “Growing to Give,” which helps feed families and entire communities. But more importantly, they have made countless house calls to consumers in need.

Ashley Lenz, Healing Harbors’ Chief Operating Officer, said, “We’d like to add that while we’re currently only found in Maine stores and online, we’re very interested in finding distributors and retailers on a national level who share our vision. If anyone has interest or knows a great organization we should know about, please let us know at sales@healingharbors.com.”

     To learn more, visit healingharbors.com

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