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“The people who enjoy pot and make the cannabis culture so diverse come from all walks of life and bring many things to the table.” 

There are all kinds of people on pot these days. Thanks to legalization efforts, the herb is revealing inspirational people to the world. People from all over are united together by the power of pot.

When it comes to top-of-the-line flowers that have the power, some of the best that I have found were locally grown right here in Colorado.

Grown with love by individuals who have lived in the state their entire life, these folks know how to get it just right. I have tried a lot of different dispensaries here in Colorado and have found that most of the herb to be good with only a few that burn black. This article is not about the big names. It’s about the up and coming ones.

Dispensaries offer great flowers and concentrates, but, the flowers and concentrates that are homemade and homegrown by the local duo known as Pueblo Joe and Josh stand out among the rest. Their Colorado homegrown is dabsolutely fire! When their herb is broken up, it has a very nice ‘crawl’ to it. The term describes the way herb behaves after it’s broken up. Whether you break it up by hand or dump it out of your grinder, it’s how it moves.

Does it blob out on the tray and turn into a cloud of dust or just lie there looking blah? Does it land in a pile and start to look like it’s breathing as it settles? These are characteristics you look for when determining if your herb has a good cannabis crawl. When your ganja has a good crawl to it, it’s almost as if it is dancing before your eyes.

Canna CLoset helps to educate others on the benefits of cannabis in the comfort of their own homes.

The people who enjoy pot and make the cannabis culture so diverse come from all walks of life and bring many things to the table. For people like Canna Closet founder, Stacy Thompson who doesn’t do it for fame, it’s a way of life. The team at Canna Closet will help to educate the world around them about cannabis in the private settings of their patients’ homes.

Kate Cochran Morgan is a green leaf warrior with passion and conviction! Kate is on a mission to educate politicians, voters and others about cannabis through positive, information sharing and advocacy efforts. Kate is not only a friend and supporter of our Veterans, she is one.

Jim Naumann is an avid cannabis activist and the owner of cannabis tourism website, Canna-Travel.com. His business — like it sounds — arranges canna-friendly travel. He also helps with many aspects of the movement and is involved with NORML in Wisconsin. By merging these interests, there is no doubt that he brings enjoyment to everyone he meets.

Travis Nelson is another great person on pot — he is the founder and president of The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association (CCGA). With goals such as helping to supply food to foodbanks, providing cash scholarships for graduates and bringing the community together through positive interaction, Travis and the members of the CCGA are making a difference in their hometown of Walsenberg, Colorado with hopes of one day reaching the world.

Purple Urkle from Mesa Organics in Pueblo, Colorado Photo by Ashley Priest

Then there are those who remain anonymous and still live in prohibition states. Antman, Paper Chase, The Wizard, Momma, and others who work quietly behind the scenes to bring an end to cannabis prohibition.

It only takes a single seed to tip the scale. Be the seed… support a cleaner, greener, healthier planet for the future.

Written by James Priest

Emerald contributor since September 2015


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