Here’s Your Summer Guide to New York’s Best Smoking Spots

If you live in New York City, chances are you were desperately waiting for summer to arrive. Yes, it’s hot, sticky and humid, but if there is one thing New Yorkers love, is taking advantage of good weather once it finally comes around. Green spaces especially get filled up by a varied crowd, and the smell of weed is often in the air. 

Sit tight, because this is a guide about the best smoking spots in the Big Apple. 

Smoking cannabis is most often associated with being outside for more transcendental reasons, but in New York City especially, it’s also more practical. While weed remains illegal at the federal level, it’s important to be somewhat careful before lighting up a joint.  Pot is still illegal in NYC, and even though smoking it in public likely won’t land you in handcuffs anymore, it can still be a problem.

And if we are talking about green spaces, Central Park is a great option. With its hidden spots and varied flora and fauna, it appeals to all sorts of different people. But being the 840-acre giant that it is, we have to get more specific than that. 

Sheep’s Meadow is a great spot to hit up, by yourself or with friends, for a good old smoking session. Being big and spread out, the lawn gives you a chance to isolate yourself from footpaths and crowds, if you’re keeping it low-key. Another Central Park favorite is The Ramble, a 36-acre wild garden in the middle of the park extending from 73rd to 79th Street. It was created for people to explore what feels like a forest and saunter along winding paths. Let’s just say that no one will bother you if you decide to smoke some weed. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to getting lost in the woods without leaving the island of Manhattan.

Another great spot is along the Hudson River, pretty much anywhere. But to get more specific, the East River Park is a great spot to hit up. Not only is there the added bonus of getting to relax and smoke up with a great view, it’s also a secluded spot and, chances are, no one will bother you or ask questions. Most people who walk along this park are either jogging or cycling, and they simply mind their own business. There are plenty of grassy areas along the East River, and we definitely recommend this spot, which is secluded during off hours.

Just over the bridge in Brooklyn, it’s almost weird to walk along the river, just east of Kent Avenue, on the North Side of Williamsburg, and not smell cannabis. The same goes for McCarren Park and the side streets of the South Side. It smells like weed everywhere—if we’re being honest. But there’s something nice and easy about strolling the newly renovated boardwalk, which runs between North 3rd and North 6th Street. This broadwalk is breezy and quiet, albeit short, save for some couples, and copious amounts of local families. There’s also the added benefit of another lovely view, this time of Manhattan. 

So, if you find yourself in New York and in dire need of both escaping the heat and smoking up, definitely check out these great gems only blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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