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360 Degrees of High!

It’s just after 4:20 p.m. in Los Angeles on a rare, rainy Sunday afternoon. The High Hipsters are holding a sesh at their home, or as they call it, “The Dabbin’ Cabin.”

Meet Alice and Clark, aka the High Hipsters. This dabbin’ duo create and broadcast videos on YouTube about hot pot products and classic cannabis culture. One of the things that sets the High Hipsters apart is their 360 degree, virtual reality (VR) cannabis content, as well as livestream sessions, and regular 2-D videos.

Always lit and always hip, the High Hipsters live on the edge of fashion, technology, and cannabis. They rock ganja garb like “Weed Queen” and “Weed Genius” pins, knee-high socks with high-grade pot pictures, bud boutonnieres, jewelry, t-shirts, dresses, ties, and much more. In January, Alice and Clark were featured panelists at the Los Angeles High Times Business Summit as a voice on cannabis social media.

As individuals, they have unique and melodious voices. The blend of them together is perfectly suited for radio or podcast. Personally, I enjoy listening to their YouTube videos on my morning commute because their shows are informative and upbeat.

In the Dabbin’ Cabin, the High Hipsters have a cannabis chic motif, pure pot positivity. A bouquet and bong pose patiently, ready for a closeup, and a toke up. Pot pillows chill on the sofa. Dab rigs stand by to fill their destiny, and your lungs. There is even a tiny house ashtray for the joints to rest and eventually turn to roach and ash. They offer me a Sprig, a cannabis infused soda, and we got right to work on a joint and some dabs.

Using an old-school, pencil to paper production calendar, the High Hipsters chart their months in advance. They have a constant flow of ideas for their channel, and new videos are uploaded every other day. With topics like “How to Roll a Backwards Joint” and “Dank Double Dates,” if you want some company while you burn one down, tune-in for their live-stream smoke sessions. In between filming, editing, and uploading, the High Hipsters research and sample new products, companies, and events. Though their calendar strategy is old-school, their VR video capture is on trend.

The High Hipsters are all about innovation. VR is one of the fastest growing trends and that is one of the reasons Alice and Clark create 360 degree content. Clark says, “the future of media is going to be a lot more interactive. We are the early adopters, the pioneers, but eventually everyone will use and watch VR.” From a director’s perspective, he points out that “in film, the director tells [the viewers] where to look. In VR, that is stripped away. I started pulling from my experience in theatre, because theater is more 360 degrees.” A surprising sound or a cast member’s entrance from behind the audience may change the focus away from the stage, literally creating a head-spinning, interactive experience. “We want to provide brand new ways to enjoy stories, with information and action coming from above, below, and all sides.”

“There are no blind spots in VR, everything is in the shot. More work and effort goes into the VR videos, but it’s worth it. What we’re doing is creating an experience, a feeling like [our viewers] are here with us,” Alice explains.

Indy, short for Indica, is their cannabis-loving cat who makes cameo appearances in many of the VR videos. He is a little camera-shy, but since VR captures everything, Indy has become a star. To see more photos, check him out on the Instagram hashtag #DabbinCabinKitty. Regarding cannabis pet products, Alice and Clark are big supporters, but do not yet use any for Indy because he is still a young, healthy kitty. Alice mentions that “it makes sense to give cannabis to pets with arthritis or anxiety. Or if [the product] is made specifically for that pet and [his or her] needs.” The High Hipsters do not blow any pot smoke or vapor directly in Indy’s face or general space. They do not want him to get high for the sake of being high… that’s their job.

Some of their VR tours include Hawaii, Catalina Island, Venice Beach, the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Garden, the Dabolition Derby, RuffHouse Studios, and of course, the Dabbin’ Cabin. Those 360 degree views and perfect dab opportunities will leave you breathless… and maybe coughing a little, too.

The High Hipsters are masters at keeping the conversation going and the good vibes flowing. For their series “Dank Double Dates,” Alice and Clark are looking for more pot power couples to meet, mingle, and discuss cannabis. They describe it as a show, “where we sit with other couples that love getting high together!” Viewers can learn about other cannabis industry professionals, and laugh at common relationship quirks, or just plain stoner moments. In previous episodes, we met Chef Holden from Altered Plates and Suzannah Jagger from Buds and Thorns, as well as Alysia and Leighlani from Suzy Oh’s and PuffPuffPassCo. You and your sweetie could be next! Imagine, sitting in the Dabbin’ Cabin, warming your hands over a hot joint, and passing around the High Wave Tsunami Vape, a portable dab rig/vape hybrid. Learn more about it on their recent review on YouTube, or catch up with them on Instagram!

Get High with the High Hipsters! Check them out on:
YouTube:  Bit.ly/HighHipsters
Instagram: @high.hipsters
SnapChat: highhipsters

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