How to Incorporate Weed Into Classic Halloween Costumes

By Samantha Wahl


We’re all a bunch of canna-loving freaks and we’re proud of it. It’s nice to show that off sometimes—and Halloween is one of those times.

While anyone fortunate enough to live in a legalized area can entertain devotion on the daily, those of us in states that are, well, still living in the dark ages, must worship more discreetly. Thankfully for us, there’s a holiday that demands blatant self-expression from all of its observers. 

Halloween. An excuse to embrace the desires of one’s dreams, wear whatever, and look weird as hell doing so. Is a witchy look your thing? Go for it. Comic book nerd? Now’s your chance to shine. Do you love the loud more than most things in this world? Same. 

That being said, we appreciate a good tradition. No need to sacrifice classic Halloween getups. We wanted to find ways to represent personal style, but with a certain blitz. Here are some stoney ideas for pot-enthused people of assorted costume-cliques, squads, and schools of thought. 

For the Super Hero Fans: “Poison Ivy

Photo by Loverevolution333
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She’s mean, she’s green, and she’s the perfect canvas for a body covered in bud. Replace the ivy with artificial cannabis leaves (a Google search brought us to some inexpensive deliverable options), find a temporary green hairspray—and viola, super.

For Duos: “Medicinal” and “Recreational” 

One person exhibits green scrubs, a lab coat and a stethoscope (medicinal) while the other sports head-to-toe green gym teacher garb (recreational). Boom. Power couple.

For Those Who Don’t Mind Wearing Face Paint: “Frankendank”

Let’s be honest. Frankenstein was already looking suspiciously high. He’s also already green so the work is half way done. But what if he wore a leaf-printed bow-tie and the bolts in his neck were replaced with either half of a blunt. You can have your costume and smoke it too.

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license
Edited to fit the article’s theme

For Whoever Goes the Cute Route: “Kush Cat”

Get creative. Whiskers that are usually drawn on in cat costumes can be replaced with closely shaped Kush leaves. If you can find green cat ears, tack some artificial leaves behind them, to resemble cat fur. Drape a boa weaved with weed across your neck for dramatic effect. Don’t forget your baggie of catnip.

For a Fear Factor: “Stoned to the Bone”

Start with a skeleton suit. Store-bought works, but homemade’s fine. An all-black outfit with white tape can imitate bones. Throw on some phony rotting teeth, and gaunt-looking makeup. Now add red contacts. You’ll look scary to many, but those who know, know. Plus you can get fully high at the function and it’ll look just like part of the costume.

DM us any photos of any pot-stume success on Instagram. Extra points for sneakiest incorporation of actual cannabis. Remember, October is for weed-o’s. ‘Tis the season to let our flower-flags fly.

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