Humboldt Made: Your Hippie Dad

What We Love About Humboldt: 


Your Hippie Dad


by Linda Stansberry


We saw him the other night at the Jambalaya, right up next to the band. He started as the only one on the dance floor, then he pulled the rest of the crowd towards him with a planet’s groovy gravity.

Soon the floor was crowded and he was teaching someone’s girlfriend the two-step. We love your hippie dad. He’s the guy who taught us how to compost and recycle, back in the ’80s, before composting and recycling was cool. He installed the county’s first solar panel. He bounced you on his shoulders at a Grateful Dead concert. He makes his own soap and he makes his own fun.

Your hippie dad helped make Humboldt County what it is. He’s still the coolest guy we know. Happy Father’s Day from Humboldt Made.

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