I Tried an Arousing CBD Bath Bomb and, Well, it Worked

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By Samantha Wahl


When I got my hands on a Canna Bath Co. CBD-infused Arouse Bath Bomb, I was determined to master the art of the couple’s bath. I’m a strong supporter of the self-care movement, and nothing makes a person feel more centered than an essential oil soak, especially when paired with cannabis. The tricky part is making it work for another person.

Rom-coms from the 90s make baths for two out to epitomize romance, but I’ve always found them to be more chaotic than not. Sure, a claw-foot tub, and a room lit floor to ceiling with multicolored candles might make for a more seamless experience. But in a tiny apartment in Queens, New York, with an even tinier bathtub, the odds of enjoying sharing it with my boyfriend weren’t exactly in my favor. 

One major question looms over the concept of a double-tub situation: who puts what where? We could sit face-to-face as they do in the movies. In many bathtub-shower combos, there is a faucet placed on one wall, and that’s when things get awkward. One of us can comfortably lean against a flat wall, but the other has to lean against the metal pipe that will inevitably jet out into their spine. We could sit side by side horizontally, knees to our chests, staring out into the rest of the bathroom. Weird, but at the very least we can both lean against the wall instead of having to sacrifice one back against the faucet. The final option, and seemingly the most comfortable, is a back-to-front situation. Sort of like spooning, but sitting up. 

We decided on the latter option on a weekend night, and prepared our bomb. The base was bubblegum pink like many bath bombs, with a tiny red heart in the center. Once we dropped it into the warm water, it fizzed outward, creating a pink spiraling effect. My boyfriend said, “Wow, it looks like Patrick Starr from Spongebob.” Hot, Babe. Really setting the mood. But then the tiny red heart detached from the base, and dispersed into the water.  I’m a sucker for attention to detail, and I thought the heart was a nice touch.

I’ve found bath bombs to make the bottom of the tub super slippery in the past, and I was really impressed with how Canna Bath Co. managed to avoid that. The water was conditioned, but silky, not slippery. 

The Arouse bomb promotes its jasmine and essential oils, and we definitely picked up on the floral notes. Mostly it made the water smell like clean laundry, which is inarguably one of the best scents on the planet. 

Then we relaxed into the 60mgs of CBD. We had been out walking from morning to night that day, and both were sore, and maybe even a little on edge toward one another, so we were especially excited for this part. A few minutes into our soak, he said with endearing genuinity, “I’m really glad we did this.” I felt, with shameless sappiness, really lucky to be with my boyfriend. 

When we got out of the tub and into bed, our skin felt soft, and my bed felt cozier than it had all autumn.

That night we both felt closer to one another, and any stresses of a busy weekend became a distant memory. Bath bombs are supposed to be relaxing, but Canna Bath Co. made theirs relaxing enough for two, and that’s why it got us…talking.

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