Ladies of Paradise “BLM Blend” Supports Last Prisoner Project

Ladies of Paradise

Emerald sat down with Harlee Case and Jade Daniels, co-founders of Ladies of Paradise and Lady Jays, to discuss their recent endeavor with Indoor Orchards. That effort launches a special “BLM Blend” of joints to support Black and Brown communities, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Last Prisoner Project.


The duo discuss their respective relationships with cannabis, how the plant has shaped their entrepreneurial spirit, and how embracing the cannabis industry as a whole has allowed their brand to flourish into altruistic endeavors.  The mission for their marketing platform is planted in a solid foundation of authenticity, echoed daily in their marketing efforts. They desire to give individuals the freedom of expression so they are more capable of lifting one another up, resulting in a positive framework mindset actualization of: you can be any and everything you want.

Last Prisoner Project ties the ladies’ two mutual interests: cannabis and cultural revolution.  They are careful to point their motivations toward a reverence for the purveyors before them who built the industry in which they now thrive.  They describe their efforts as a way to pay homage and give back to the industry.  Last Prisoner Project was a great fit for this effort, because the organization’s focus is expansive and does a magnificent job at how well they encompass addressing the solution as a whole. LPP does that “…by focusing on three key criminal justice reform initiatives: prisoner release, record clearing through clemency and expungement, and re-entry programs.”.

“Lady Jays pre-roll packs come with 10 half gram jays in each box, and the ‘BLM Blend’ consists of 5 strains: Strawberry Ice, Black Water, Great White Shark, God Bud, and Holy Grail. Our partner, Indoor Orchards, grows exclusively indoors using pesticide-free hydroponic technology, and guarantees cannabis of the highest and purest quality. Lady Jays, a female-owned company emphasizing inclusivity and individuality, is called to do our part in standing up to racial and social injustices.” (via Ladies of Paradise Press Release).


Partners in this project include:


Electric Lettuce

Rogue Valley Cannabis

Eden Cannabis

Pharmer’s Market

Five Zero Trees


Music by @french_baguette

Video by @jeremycairo


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