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For people that don’t want to get “high,” using cannabis for medicinal purposes is an issue. However, there are a number of products in the market that cater to those that want relief from the various medicinal properties of cannabis without the stoniness. I’m talking topicals — creams, oils, scrubs and balms that are applied to the skin.


Topicals are great for relief from pain or inflammation due to afflictions like arthritis, muscle soreness and even fibromyalgia. There are a number of topical brands and products out there to experiment with and try. One of the latest lines to come across the path of the Emerald Magazine is Leafy Botanicals, which features organic, natural, cannabis-infused body products that are available to California-based medical marijuana patients.


The Leafy Botanicals line includes their best selling Green Cream, and also medicated massage oil, tattoo balm, soothing skin cream, canna salt scrub and bath salts. The products’ power comes from the use of medicinal herbs infused into a natural carrier oil.


The Green Cream has a soft yellowish-green color and the pleasant smell of lavender with a cannabis undertone. According to the Leafy Botanicals website, the cream is made by slow cooking the entire cannabis plant in olive oil. Then calendula, lavender and other essential oils are added to complete the muscle-penetrating ointment. The cream does indeed absorb effectively, leaving behind that pleasant smell and a softness to the skin. The Green Cream relieved my stiff morning hands, and I also used it on my neck and arms before undertaking strenuous work, taking comfort in the fact that it eases inflammation and pain.


The company’s bath salts are pure Epsom salts blended with cannabis-infused coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Epsom salts are renowned its medicinal abilites to ease pain and detox the body. An epsom salt soak is the ultimate relaxation tool when paired with the lavender essential oil and cannabis-infused coconut oil. The lavender brings in an aromatherapy element to the experience, which leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for bed.


The canna salt scrub also stars Epsom salts and coconut oil infused with cannabis, plus myrrh and tea trea oil. The tattoo balm is made from a blend of olive, avocado and apricot oils, cannabis, shea butter and beeswax. The medicated massage oil blend flows freely and also features a blend of medicinal herbs. Leafy Botanical’s soothing skin cream features cannabis and other medicinal herbs, plus Vitamin E, neem and apple cider vinegar — all good things.


The product line is definitely grounded in cannabis. In that sense, you can smell the effectiveness and trust that you can heal your body with cannabis through your skin.


You can find more information about Leafy Botanicals online at LeafyBotanicals.com or by emailing leslie@leafybotanicals.com or by calling (530) 249-1113.

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