Magic in the Emerald City

Chef Ricky Flikenger, former head pastry chef of the upscale Trophy Cupcakes, left the corporate world to become one of the top cannabis cooking chefs around. He shares his knowledge in weekly classes at his Capitol Hill, Seattle apartment, teaching eager students how to transform the kief they purchase from nearby recreational shops into gourmet creations and with known potency.

When he was invited by to head their Danksgiving Potluck last November, Chef Ricky made a multi-course traditional holiday meal, infused with just the right amount of THC so guests could eat their fill without getting absurdly high. Participants raved over the Slow Cooked Turkey and Vegetables in Puff Pastry Flowers with infused cream sauce, and the Maple & Pecan Sweet Potatoes.

His Saturday classes are timed so participants can enjoy the food, take notes, and not feel the effects until they leave. Hint: Uber and Lyft offer discounts, and driving yourself is discouraged. Chef Ricky teaches how to calculate dosage, infuse fats (and non-fats) with THC, and adapt gourmet recipes to include cannabis.
“I can literally make any dish infused. It doesn’t change the flavor, it’s not green, and the dish doesn’t have to be sweet or chocolate.”

The future is pretty wide open, despite the hurdles of I-502, Washington’s recreational cannabis law. Chef Ricky works to keep his classes legal, safe, and easy. There is talk of a cookbook coming in the spring, and there’s a canna-cooking show called “Baked” ( where the chef and an 86 year old grandmother demonstrate recipes.

Cannabis cooking, with its health benefits, recreational attributes, and broad culinary applications (everything from molecular gastronomy to grandma’s old biscuit recipe) is either the next foodie revolution, or the next superfood. Or, quite likely, both. It’s an exciting time, and the possibilities seem limitless.

To learn more visit Chef Ricky’s website at He can also be contacted at, or (206) 552-0468.

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