Many Former Disney Channel Stars Love Cannabis

If we were to come up with one unifying thread for former Disney stars, it would be cannabis. Most of the actors and singers who have paved their way from being young teens idols to accomplished artists have come out in support of cannabis. Once free from the claws of the somewhat conservative Disney Channel, and having reached adulthood and independence, stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, and so forth, haven’t been shy about their weed.

Vanessa Hudgens got a $200 weed manicure.

Gabriella Montez, Vanessa Hudgens’ iconic character in High School Musical would probably disapprove, but Mrs. Hudgens has been very vocal about her support for cannabis: in 2012, she wore a pot leaf covered sweatshirt, in 2014 she sported a tank top reading “Dank”, where the A was a cannabis leaf, and the D written in the Disney font. Most recently, the star got a $190 weed manicure. Vanessa went to Laquè Nail Bar in Beverly Hills, California, with her sister Stella, and had her nails decorated with metallic pot leaves and Swarovski crystals in honor of Coachella.

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Did someone say Coachella? Nails ✅ @laquenailbar

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Kirsten Dunst believes weed “makes the world a better place”.

Yes, Kirsten Dunst was a Disney Star (Disney Channel Original Movie Tower of Terror ring any bells?), and she has been a very vocal supporter of cannabis. She infamously told the Daily Mail that “If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a much better place.” She’s also publicly stated that she has a different outlook on cannabis than most Americans do.

Demi Lovato and her struggle with sobriety.

The Camp Rock star has been very candid about her struggles with addiction, specifically alcohol and cocaine, and has therefore quit all drugs and drinking. However, she’s always been a strong supporter of cannabis, and she and Miley Cyrus joined forces to encourage her former boyfriend Joe Jonas to smoke weed.

Miley Cyrus, the poster child for all things Disney and cannabis.

The former Hannah Montana star has been the most open about her love for weed, and her consumption of it. The Climb singer has used a variety of different mediums to express her love for pot, from her weed themed outfits, to lighting a joint on stage, to extensively talking about it on a variety of different interviews. Miley has been taking breaks from smoking weed on and off, but she remains the most vocal supporter of it.

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Listen to Miley. She also knows what’s up.

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Zac Efron smoked real weed on the set of “We Are Your Friends”.

His days as the clean shaven basketballer Troy Bolton are definitely over: Zac Efron has been caught smoking weed on a variety of different occasions. The former High School Musical star has been caught lighting up a joint behind the scenes of his movie We Are Your Friends, caught hitting a vape pen on several occasions, and also reportedly smoked a whole lot of pot for his movie Neighbors.

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