Nature Cooked Right

For those that have yet to experience The Other Place, know that it isn’t your traditional Humboldt County restaurant. This opulent establishment provides their guests with a high-end experience by cooking food that is locally grown and raised in Humboldt County. For a night not soon to forget, call in and reserve the Chef’s Table. Located in the kitchen, you will be served by the owner Luke himself. With his skills on full display, every dish was prepped, cooked, and served with style right in front of us.

Roasted Beets: Cooked to sheer perfection, these roasted beets were dished up with Cannibal Island chevre, shaved fennel, orange segments (talk about zest!), macadamia nuts, and balsamic glaze.


All the ingredients in this well-crafted appetizer play off one another. The beets are prepared to a soft perfection, the macadamia nuts add a desired crunch, and the orange segments bring with them the succulent sense of citrus.

Seared Scallops: Set your eyes upon these seared scallops. Roasted with Romanesco hash, North African harissa, orange-cumin carrots, almond and orange-thyme reduction, this dish brings with it a wild fusion of flavor.


The presentation is an appetizing feast for your eyes, as is the taste of the harissa, which retains the heat of Indian spice and fresh ground black pepper.

Linguine & Lamb: Let yourself go with this linguine pasta cooked with braised lamb shank, collard greens, fig demi-glace, and pistachios.


The first flavor to roll over the pallet is the taste of brown sugar and honey.
This delicately spiced lamb pasta is garnished with the comforting aroma of herbs from India. The pistachios add a hint of salt, which gives the eater a mixed sensation of comfort food made with upscale ingredients.

Seared Opah: Talk about nature at its finest: This seared opah with toasted farro and maple-chili glazed squash, complete with sautéed spinach and gremolata garnished with citrus-thyme vinaigrette, is out of this world! The squash is heavenly sweet and bursting with flavor from the maple-chili glaze.


The opah is served soft and tender and melts almost immediately in your mouth. The combination of items makes this dish high on the list.

Steelhead Stew: If home cookin’ is what you’re after then consider ordering this rustic fish stew with smoked steelhead, russet potatoes, saffron aioli, pumpkin seed oil and local Beck’s Bakery brioche crouton.

The stew’s stock is made from a seafood broth composed of halibut and white wine. This stew is full of layers of flavor, making it clear that there were no shortcuts taken in this entrée’s creation.

Chinese-Style Duck: When classy meets casual on a plate, the result is a Chinese-style duck breast served with forbidden black rice that’s been sautéed with chard, sesame broccoli, and cherry-soy reduction.


This savory dish is one that will keep you coming back for more. Rich in flavor, one can almost taste it through the scent of its seasonings. Brace your taste buds for this elegantly seared fowl.

660 K St • Wednesday-Sunday • 5-10pm • (707) 633-6124

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