Oov Lifestyle Demystifies Cannabis for Women

Written by Dennis G Freeman

Cannabis remains a mystery for many Californians. There is a gap in education, especially in the mainstream. People interested in the subject need a safe and comfortable space to gather, share resources, have an open dialogue, and participate in a sheltered environment.

Oov Lifestyle is demystifying cannabis and helping newcomers — specifically females, entrepreneurs and mothers — navigate the often challenging cannabis landscape in California. The demand is met through an online platform where visitors can interact about a range of topics; vendors can communicate about products; and entrepreneurs can get assistance.

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, founder of Oov, brings her experience as a professional Doula, a person who assists mothers during childbirth and provides ongoing support to the family after birth, to her company. As someone who gives insight, support and care during times of uncertainty, Ozzie is in the perfect position to lead women curious about the new world of cannabis. Early support from her Doula business and the Marin Alternative Mothers Group gave her the platform to grow Oov.

Ozzie is a community builder that helps to bridge the gap in cannabis education by providing online content, and by producing cannabis 101 seminars. The site features such topics as: canna yoga, incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle, entrepreneur assistance, and medical knowledge.

A new portion of the site, called “Nurse Susan,” allows visitors and clients to pose medical and cannabis related questions to a medical professional and receive quality responses. Their Instagram page curates media that appeals to female newcomers. Their Facebook Group, called “Women of Cannabis,” is an active and engaged group of hundreds of women who support each other and create positive dialogue.

Oov’s mission is to build a community that normalizes cannabis, fills the education gap and provides entrepreneurial resources for women. Goals for 2018 include providing more online content; building a platform for female empowerment in the industry; and continuing cannabis 101 events.

Because cannabis is still a mysterious subject for many Californians, Oov Lifestyle’s approach is multifaceted and provides in-person experiences, opportunities to community build and online portals for information and further interactivity.

Keep an eye on Ozzie and Oov Lifestyle to be a major player in the new and growing California cannabis industry. While many entrepreneurs are busy building products and solutions, Oov and Ozzie are building a growing community for women and recruiting clients from a regional base in the Bay Area.


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