Poolside Delivery Is Finally a Reality

Photos by: Maria Penaloza 

The days of schlepping to the store, or in the case of prohibition states, dealing with the super-late weed guy, are hopefully nearing a close as even cannabis gets the Uber-ification treatment. All over California and in some other states that allow home delivery for recreational purposes, like Oregon and some towns in Washington, people can order up fine-quality cannabis with just their phone fingers, no human interaction involved—not until they sign their name and walk back inside with the bounty.

The concept is rather new, but some companies have been around for about five years. Skeptics shouldn’t underestimate this sector of cannabis impact on the future of the industry, especially consumer-facing procurement. Fast home delivery has changed nearly every industry, some for the worse, but since you can’t yet order cannabis directly online from a non-cannabis retailer, delivery services are the only way to access it without leaving your yard. Of all of the ways of getting cannabis in your hands, the best ones are timely and simple to sign up for, and they serve great products. 

The services we’ve tried in this brave new period range from mom-and-pop to the cream of the crop. Here’s a bit more about them:



This was the very first delivery service we ever tried in California when it first arrived in the Bay Area, but now it’s available in Southern California, too. Eaze was simpler than ordering a car, and within moments our product pulled up. Eaze drivers are often out and about, as well as fully stocked with inventory, so if someone is in your area, your order is processed, and they can get to you super-quickly. 

With Eaze, the deals and coupons and selection are all fun, but there’s an air of rushedness to it—the hyper speed is concerning, but it could just be our post-Amazon-stress-syndrome making us overly skeptical. 

Either way, the Kiva Camino gummies in Watermelon Lemonade we tried were lovely, and the convenience was clutch. 


This SoCal serve is a classic style setup, like having a mobile dispensary roll through your area. We’ve depended on Kushagram in all corners of the major Los Angeles area, and they’ve pulled up to swank Beverly Hills as well as a regular degular hotel in Irvine to get us stocked. 

Every time we’ve hit Kushagram’s line, the deals have been crazy, and the service has been quick and painless. Since you order via text, it feels like what we’re used to in prohibition states—in a good way. 


Bay Area delivery service (and statewide provider of in-store cannabis) Caliva makes pre-rolls, G-Pen Gio carts, flower and more. You can grab Caliva in shops around California, but the same-day service in the San Francisco area is clutch as the temps begin to rise as summer tightens its grip on the city.

Pools are a rarity in SF, but if you have one you’ll probably be parked there for as many hours as the sun’s dotted appearance allows, and Caliva’s Super Session joints are just right for an extended swim. Getting the goods like you’re ordering Burmese food on Caviar is satisfying, and keeps you where you want to be: in the pool.


This is where you go for the luxe and the lavish. Emjay is a curated selection of some of SoCal’s finest cannabis, as well as their best-known and most sought-after brands. In their emerald-colored exit bag, which we naturally loved, was some of the most potent cannabis that we’d tried in over half a dozen LA jaunts. 

The standout stars of the Emjay lineup were delicious and freaking strong Sherbinskis’ Bacio Gelato. Even as a sungrown offering, this was next-level potent and fragrant. Intense alpha pinene and somehow still legitimately creamy tasting, the real-deal Gelato from the creator himself was the ultimate treat. There’s a ton of hype surrounding these products, but they really delivered on all fronts, from packaging down to the dankest nugs.

Though not as potent, the lovely (and yummy) Flower by Edie Parker we tried from Emjay’s selection, Pineapple Rising, was also special. It had some unique notes of fruitiness to it that rang through the whole joint experience. The packaging needs mention: soft glass jars that are weighty and feel luxurious like a ByTerry lip balm tub, but since there was only a gram in there, it felt a little bit . . . much. If you’re travel savvy like we are, you’ll reuse these jars to pack your toiletries, as they stay sealed and have some child resistance.

The curated selection at Emjay won out as our favorite actual flower provider, but we have to keep it real and shout out Kushagram for their “downness” and for always showing up to the nooks and crannies of LA that many other services don’t cover. 

This is truly the future of cannabis consumption, especially in areas where driving is less desirable due to traffic or difficult-to-use mass transit. Just like everyone wants to get around more easily, everyone wants to cop more easily, too. 

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