Pot Talk: Humboldt Organic Collective

  Humboldt Organic Collective is based in Southeastern Humboldt County — in this area of the world, the dramatic Northern California landscape is punctuated by untold cannabis farms, from smaller specialty farms to big commercial grows that focus on high volume output. Humboldt Organic Collective is on the specialty/boutique end of the spectrum. They produce small batch, distinctive cannabis flowers and ice water hash at their remote location in the Humboldt hills. This is where you want to get your weed…

  Representatives of Humboldt Organic Collective kicked down some Face Off OG and Sour Sunset for the June Growers edition of Pot Talk. They cultivated both varieties from seed in a greenhouse, where they kept the air flowing and the temperature down (below 75 degrees Fahrenheit) with evaporative coolers, ridge vents, sidewalls and lots of fans. And they did a cold cure at the end.

  Their meticulous cultivation practices result in super high quality weed. “It comes out looking like indoor,” one of the reps. told me when we recently caught up in Garberville, California. “We try so hard not to touch the weed or to spray it during flowering,” he said, while he rotated a nug around to show off its crystals in the afternoon sunlight. “That’s the most important thing. It’s so important to not spray these trichomes…”

  “And the spring water is absolutely incredible there,” he said, talking about the rural location of the farm where this weed was grown. “It is so crucial to have clean water.” Indeed. Humboldt Organic Collective uses this clean spring water to make their full-plant ice water hash. They make their ice cubes in BPA-free ice cube trays, as opposed to using an ice-maker. They make rosin too.

Face Off OG

  I learned from the representative that Face Off OG is actually a late 90s underground OG from Archive Seed Bank. “This is what we consider to be a ‘real kush’,” he said. “Everyone goes nuts for it. And everything I grow pretty much has Face Off in it…[such as] Rude Boy, Memory Loss, Valley Girl, all those. It’s so, so amazing… If I call the dispensaries, the first thing they’re asking for is Face Off.”

  The Face Off nugs have that chunky-kush character. They are solid, light green and super frosty with a sprinkling of cocoa-brown hairs. Its features are well-defined, and that chunkiness makes it so the hairs have room to express themselves. The Face Off strain smells like pine-lemon cleaner and it’s earthy, rich fuel with a hint of pleasant “cat piss.” The smell is powerful, like menthol or liniment, but not so minty. I can see how it’s a classic kush. The smell is right on.

  That earthy-richness came through when I vaporized Face Off, and it was nice. But then I realized that nothing beats a bong load when it comes to OG. So I loaded up my 20” tall HVY Glass bong (I call it “The Cadillac”), and I lit that bong load with a Humboldt Hemp Wick. Time stopped. I stopped. Suddenly I noticed deep tones coming from my radio. The voice of the talk show host got abnormally bass-rich and low-pitched. He was talking about monsters and bourgeois democracy. It was a totally psychedelic moment for me. I turned off the talk show and put on some music.

  Face Off OG is powerful. This weed is like, “I am here and you will acknowledge me.” Powerful is good though — it was deeply relaxing, a pain-relieving body high. Forget the pain pills. Try Face Off!

Sour Sunset

  Sour Sunset is AJ’s Sour Diesel from the East Coast, crossed with Sunset Sherbet, which is from the Girl Scout Cookie family. This collective got the seed stock from DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms. He said they’re doing amazing things with the Banana and the Sherbet strains. “A lot of the younger crowd is all about DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms…those Tangie and Banana Split strains.” Good to know.

(By the way, the first time I met Humboldt Organic’s representatives, they hooked me up with some of their Gorilla Glue and Banana Split weed. Their arms were full of cannabis-packed mason jars when they entered my house, and they were stoked to share the bounty. It was a good first impression.)

  I look at the Sour Sunset and I feel like I’m in a fantasy movie. It’s a lighter and even brighter green than the Face Off. And it’s “full of frost… just shiny stuff.” That’s what the rep. said when he handed it to me. Yup, frosty, shiny and magical looking — that seems to be the Humboldt Organic Collective way.

  The Sour Sunset’s delicate contours are home to a confetti-smattering of white, light beige and dark brown-orange hairs. When I cracked the jar open, I thought it smelled like sweet candy or pastries, kind of bready and fruity.

  When I cracked a nug open, a strong kush smell came through. It’s pretty earthy, like fresh-turned soil.

  I rolled the sample into a fat joint and shared it with two friends. “It smells real dank,” one of my homies said. The flavor was dank too, and it tasted like sulphur, plus a combination of mint and miner’s lettuce. Some fruitiness came through too, brown sugar and berries. The end of the joint got so goopy, we had to cut it off for a fresh end to keep smoking from.

  The Sour Sunset high fostered couch-locked banter about things like conspiracies, Siri and the technological singularity. Its effect was relaxing and cerebral, but not too tiring or sedative.   So it’s like the Sour Sunset’s sativa qualities are not drowned out by its tranquilizing effects. It’s likely best for a beach day or some invigorating yoga.

Beautiful weed and friendly people. Thank you to Humboldt Organic Collective!

To learn more, follow them on Instagram: @humboldtorganiccollective.
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