Review: A Lil’ Wildflower CBD For Your Post-Surgery Needs

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Review by Samantha Wahl

Photos by Christina de Giovanni

Anyone who has ever undergone major surgery knows the human body may never fully heal. I endured a spinal fusion operation eight years ago, and areas of my back are either still permanently numb, or experience nerve damage. CBD has been a faithful friend since its introduction into more mainstream culture, and I’ve since recommended it to my father, who recently underwent two shoulder operations. I guess bone troubles run in the family.

I was gifted Wildflower wellness company’s CBD Mist Starter Kit to try, and decided to focus on my back pain to see what it could do for me. My dad asked for a sample to target his post-surgery shoulder pain, and I gave him my leftovers.

Upon first glance, I got the sense that Wildflower is a company who understands what people want. Their teal blue and white minimalist packaging seems to breathe wellness, and for consumers interested in CBD self care, its contents cover a little something for everyone.

Firstly, I was greeted by the pleasant lavender and vanilla aromas from the bars of CBD soap. The combination of coconut and essential oils were gentle and moisturizing on my dry skin, and promoted circulation. The bars themselves are large and dense enough to last for a long time. I’ve never found CBD soaps to be very effective for long-term pain, but I appreciated a good bath product nonetheless.

Also in the box: a container of CBD Capsules at 30mg each. This was perfect for my dad, who had not yet taken his stitches out, and didn’t want to get any product in his wounds. I snagged a few before passing them off to him, and noticed relief from my back pain for a few hours of sitting up at my desk at home. The dose is mild enough to not feel drowsy, which sometimes occurs when I over shoot the amount of CBD I take. 

The kit also contains a Cooling Stick, kind of like a minty chapstick for the body, which I gave to my dad. His joints were sore from both the surgery, and from lack of circulation from less movement in his arms. He raved about this one, saying he was able to sleep through the night without waking up from inflammation pain.

Finally, I used the Immunity vaporizer. It’s disposable, so once the oil runs out it’s time to buy a new one. I enjoyed the mild flavor, and its teal frame was especially chic. My only qualm was that the “food grade paint” they claim to dye it with bled around the mouth, so I was hyper aware of the fact I was inhaling paint. In comparison to the other garbage chemicals used in vapes, it could be worse. I think it mostly inspired me to stay away from vaping in general.

At $200 a pop, buying this kit for yourself could be a bit of an investment, but because of the wide variety of products inside, it would be an easy purchase to go halfsies on with a friend or family member. 

What I appreciated most about Wildflower’s CBD Mist Starter Kit was the informative booklet that came inside. It broke down every ingredient in every product, with a detailed list of its benefits, and how much is needed, and how long they would take to start to work their magic. That’s especially helpful for someone like my dad, who is just beginning to learn about how to consume CBD. A good general rule of thumb is to always be aware of what’s in the stuff you’re consuming.

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