Review: Lyfted Farms’ Peanut Butter Breath Pre-Rolls

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By Melissa Hutsell



The California Central Valley is known for its fertile farmlands, which produce some of the nation’s best crops, including vegetables, fruits, citrus, wine grapes, and now—cannabis. 

Lyfted Farms is located in the agricultural breadbasket of California, which The New York Times calls “our greatest food resource.” The region is home to companies like E and J Gallo Winery–the largest winery in the world—and Foster Farms. Based in Modesto, CA, Lyfted is helping to put the regional cannabis industry on the map.

The company offers indoor grown flower, and concentrates, including pre-rolls made with strains like Biscotti, Ice Cream Cake, and Peanut Butter Breath. 

I first tried Lyfted’s Peanut Butter Breath pre-roll at an industry event earlier this year. I was pleasantly surprised at the effects of the joint; the body high was perfect for a social setting, and left everyone in the smoking circle satisfied—and even a little giddy. 

An immediate fan of the pre-roll—and a native of the Central Valley who is always looking for local products—I was curious to try it again for the same uplifting effects while at home on a Sunday evening. So I grabbed a Peanut Butter Breath pre-roll, and sparked it up. 

The pre-rolls are made with 1g of Lyfted Farms’ Peanut Butter Breath, made from a cross between Dosidos, and Mendobreath F2 strains. It’s profile is THC dominant; it’s got more than 19% THC, and zero CBD. 

I light up the super tasty Peanut Butter pre-roll, and upon the first few puffs, I remember where the strain gets its name: it’s earthy, and a little nutty (like it’s namesake, peanut butter). The flavor is subtle, not over powering. The smoke is incredibly smooth, so smooth I could almost smoke the whole thing by myself, and provides a balanced burn (so no canoeing here). One of the best parts about this pre-roll: no bitter aftertaste, resin build up, or dry mouth/throat! 

Though it doesn’t seem terribly potent, this pre-roll packs a punch—even for those with a high tolerance—and allows for a full body high. Within the first few puffs, I start to feel euphoric, and happy as a tingly, relaxing feel comes over my arms, my legs, and my whole body. 

Though it’s a full body high, I didn’t get a couch lock feeling—in fact, it was almost the opposite. I felt somehow energized, focused, and giddy, yet relaxed as my muscles started to become less tense. The effects are great for a night in or out; you’ll be ready to dig into a good book, game or even a marathon of Jeopardy!

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