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Moon Mother Hemp Company

If the trials and tribulations of 2020 have made you feel like you’ve been stuck running on a hamster wheel that’s also on fire, you aren’t alone. As we near the end of the year (finally), I think it’s time we all take a moment for some self-care. So, this week I tried out a few products from Moon Mother Hemp Company: a brand that’s pretty much synonymous to self-care. 

About the Brand

Moon Mother Hemp Company offers a myriad of CBD wellness products ranging from beauty, supplements, topicals and even pet care (yes! Your fur babies can benefit from hemp too). They are a female-owned business with a commitment to providing quality, clean and natural hemp-based products made from exclusively plant-based and certified organic ingredients. The coolest part about them? They grow their own hemp on their family-run farm in Boulder, Colorado. They’re involved in the whole process — from seed to sale, as they say. 

The Glow CBD Skin Serum

Moon Mother Hemp Company's CBD Glow Skin Serum

Glow CBD Skin Serum

The first product I tried from Moon Mother was their Glow CBD Skin Serum ($50). It’s a hydrating serum you can use daily, alone or under your moisturizer. I was particularly excited about this one as my skin has already been feeling the wrath of the winter air. 


As a gal with dry skin, I used it in combination with my moisturizer. I found that it had a calming effect, which is something I look for in a serum when my skin gets randomly angry. The serum didn’t necessarily work wonders for me. But it did help to subdue some redness and irritation. All-in-all, it was a soothing and hydrating serum, but nothing magical in my opinion. 


The CBD Renew Eye Serum

Renew CBD Eye Serum

CBD Renew Eye Serum

The CBD Renew Eye Serum ($60) was my favorite out of the two. It comes in a roller-ball packaging, which makes the application quick and easy. 


It has a similar consistency and smell to the skin serum, so I liked to use them together before bed. The reason I opted to use them at night was because they both left a bit of a greasy residue, which I find annoying. However, it didn’t bother me at bed time, so I’d recommend using these products for your nighttime skincare routine. 


Like Glow, the Renew serum had a calming effect. Though, I didn’t notice any difference in the appearance of the skin under my eyes. But, I did really enjoy using an eye serum every night; it made me feel very sophisticated. So, I’d recommend this product if you want something nice and soothing for your under-eyes. Just  don’t expect life-changing results. 


So… Are They Worth the Buy? 

If you’re looking for a calming and hydrating hemp-based skincare product, Moon Mother might be a good place to start looking. But, don’t expect dramatic results from either of their serums. 


If you already have generally good skin, I think these products would make a really nice addition to your routine because they’re natural, gentle and soothing. Although, if you’re like me and have a laundry list of skin problems, the serums probably won’t be a big wow to you. However, a quick browse of the products on their website might pique your interest. For example, their line of CBD balms caught my eye. The CBD Dream Balm sounds ah-mazing: an herbalist formulated, full-spectrum hemp balm you can use at night to help you sleep. Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at their site for yourself if you want to up your self-care game with natural CBD products that will help restore your zen. 


Rating: 3.5/5 Emeralds


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