Soft Madness

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When romantic meets sophistication for dinner, they can only decide on one place; Folie Douce.

Folie literally translates to “madness,” and Douce means “soft.” This perfectly describes Folie Douce, which has perfected the fusion of comfort and boldness into fine dining.
Located on the north end of G Street in Arcata, Folie Douce has succeeded in providing Northern Humboldt with a euro-centric experience. The restaurant itself is romantically small, dimly lit, and furnished with Mirador glass chandeliers. The brick fire oven is an iconic staple and provides guests with top-of-the-line, freshly baked bread.
From their wasabi-infused Humboldt Bay oysters to their Foli farms produce, Folie Douce wholeheartedly believes in providing their patrons with local ingredients that come straight from the farm to the table in front of them.


Every dish at Folie Douce is specially hand-crafted and cooked to perfection. While the menu is constantly changing, there are some entrées from Restaurant Week that Folie decided to keep on the menu:

IMG_26131. The Ravioli is hand-made with butternut squash and is glazed with brown sugar and buttermilk. Following a dash of sage leaf, the ravioli is garnished with flower petals and served on a warm plate.

(above)  The grilled New York steak is of course an absolute favorite with many guests. Made to perfection, this steak is served with an Argentine chimichurri sauce and a side of grilled vegetables.

IMG_26142. The Halibut wrapped in prosciutto makes for an unforgettable dish. Baked together, the flavors simply rise and become one. The sauces are those of a yellow, green and red chimichurri.

IMG_26183. The Duck Confit is a mouthful of gourmet flavors starting with the caramelized leek sauce. This entrée comes with roasted beets, sprinkles of pomegranate, and a ricotta and herb filled crepe.


And no dinner would be complete if dessert didn’t follow. With four options to choose from (and you can choose the option that serves all four) we went with the obvious choice. Four please!
All ice cream is house-made at Folie Douce. The chocolate ice cream (far left) is made with pieces of almonds and topped with a chocolate cookie. The vanilla bean ice cream has pieces of mocha fudge packed through it. The crème brûlée was deliciously astounding to say the absolute least! And the apple pie cheesecake – so creamy and sweet, it is simply out of this world!

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