California Cannabis Voice Humboldt The conversation started in June of 2014 with a group of 35 people, stakeholders in our [...]

Dealing with Disability

– Dana Murguia – Although I know full and well that I am not the only ‘well-spouse’ my age, I sometimes [...]

Pyramid Point

– Jen Savage – We know Humboldt County offers seemingly endless opportunities to explore wild places, but our neighbor to [...]

Power of the Dress

Rima Greer With Cinderella back in the zeitgeist, it’s worth examining just what kind of impact this simple fairy tale [...]

Emerald Experience: Big River Estuary

Big River Estuary: Expansive Conservation, Enormous Fun By Jennifer Savage, Adventure Columnist  Photo Courtesy by Catch a Canoe Of all [...]

Emerald Style: Layers

Emerald Style Rima Greer, Fashion Columnist Usually when Humboldtians talk about wearing layers, they mean a long sleeve tee, a [...]

Emerald Travels: China

Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist    China isn’t a country that celebrates many things you would consider relevant to most of [...]

Emerald Style

Emerald Style Rima Greer, Columnist   When the City of Eureka was founded, women didn’t have to worry about their body [...]