Take Five Leaves and Pray

Cannabis & Cancer: Take Five Leaves and Pray

The summer of 2012 a mammogram found a spider-web-like mass in my right breast. Research showed it to be “Lobular Carcinoma,” a mass, not a tumor.

In the weeks leading to the first follow-up mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, I began ingesting raw leaves. By the time the first biopsy was done the spider web was gone with just a “target point” remaining. After bartering with my oncologist for another month, he agreed to let me continue my treatment.

CBD OilThe strong oil (RSO) used to treat cancer and other serious ailments was re-invented by Canadian Rick Simpson more than ten years ago. The recipe is specific, using bud, stem and leaf for whole plant therapy, getting the most medicine.

A medicine maker who made several batches for her husband’s prostate cancer said she first used just bud and the batch tested high in THC. Simpson encourages upwards of 95 percent THC in the mix; in the second batch leaf was added and the test showed CBD; for the third batch she added stems and found CBN was added – proving the theory that the whole plant gets you the most medicine.

60 Grams in 90 Days

The RSO treatment is to ingest 60 grams in 90 days. Suppositories are said to be best as they get the medicine right to the bloodstream and organs for healing, not digestive processing.

At 95 percent, THC dosing is critical with the patient starting small, initially taking a bit of oil the size of a half-grain of rice. After some time a portion the size of a full grain of rice is taken, working up to one full gram a day until the full 60-gram treatment is gone. The most invasive cancers have been found to vanish in less than 90 days if the oil is strong enough.

Other oils have come on the market as medicine makers step up. But the rule of thumb is to make sure it’s tested, as the numbers need to test high on THC, the base is made with solvent and it must be cooked down.

A common mistake is to soak the plant material for days rather than a quick wash (three minutes, tops), as the medicine is in the fragile terpenes of the plant and soaking only draws more chlorophyll into the mix and actually retains solvent, while lowering the percentage of medicinal compounds.

I can’t emphasize how strong the oil is, but the THC is necessary. The first tests on destroying tumors came from Israel in 1974, and the THC component of the plant was isolated for this reason. It will knock you down, but that’s a good thing, as the body needs rest to heal. The modern day “take a pill” and continue life as usual just doesn’t work for this treatment – but it is a lifesaver.

Look at me, I’m Cancer Free!

Happily, the second scheduled biopsy found nothing, with the mass completely gone from both the mammogram and ultra-sound. The attending technician called it a “technical error,” stating the initial technician probably got it wrong. But I was there looking over her shoulder and saw the same distinct spider-webThe follow-up letter received from the lab stated they felt the “dense tissue” remaining in my breast was “probably left over from a prior surgery.” This gave me a huge laugh, as, of course, I have never had surgery in that breast or the other one, for that matter.

LettsGardenI also felt this was an insult to my intelligence and the treatment used, but until many more are educated about this plant we can’t expect the process to be easy. At the very least everyone involved heard my words.

My cancer experience was three summers ago and to this day I ingest using various delivery systems I make myself, as follows:

  • Blending raw leaf daily for digestive issues, prevention of illness, and overall well being (no psychoactive effects).
  •  Maintenance dose of RSO at night for sleep and prevention of illness and cancers.
  • Cooking meals using infused oils, butter, honey, etc.
  • Cocktails with infused alcohol, such as gin or rum – quells inflammation leading to headaches and hangovers, prevention of illness.
  • Cold and flu prevention: If I feel a cold or flu coming on I up my ingesting and the infection lasts just a couple of days.
  • Use of infused topical salves, lotions, deodorant: Daily skin regimen for cancers, rashes, bug bites, burns, acne, and numerous disorders of the skin.
  • Smoking as needed for depression associated with hormonal disorders (thyroid disease, menopause)

To date, the stigma is still greater than the remedy, but the times they are a-changing. With each new story of healing shared, people learn the truth. And you can’t stop the truth from spreading – thankfully, it’s a cancer in itself.



Cover shot by Justin McIvor
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