The Digital Dime: 11/08/2019

Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the Emerald rolls up a chronicle of the headiest news hits, and passes them to you at the end of each week. We Bring You: The Digital Dime.

By Samantha Wahl

Hemp Harvest Not Going So Hot

The post-Farm Bill hemp harvest this year has proven to be an expensive one. Multiple issues arose, between the crop itself failing to prosperously grow, and farmers across the country over-investing. The excitement surrounding the economical possibilities that could come with this growing industry may have clouded profit realities, Hemp Industry Daily reports. And this is a gamble amongst workers already afflicted with mental anguish, as farmers struggle with a high rate of mental health issues, and fewer opportunities for outreach. But most brand new businesses undergo a period of experimentation and observation before learning how to thrive under the given circumstances, and these farmers do not have to endure it alone. The more society accepts and exposes mental health issues, the further aid can travel to people without access to awareness. A learning curve is just that, and hemp is a versatile material crucial to the betterment of our environment.

Here Again, With More on the Vape Crisis 

People are beginning to equate the vape crisis with cannabis, and it’s affecting movement on Minnesota’s legalization front. Numbers of victims continue to rise, with 1,888 people injured and 37 dead, MJBizDaily reports, and with those stats come reasonable panic. But less reasonably, anti-weed legislators are using those numbers as an excuse to put the kibosh on legalization in Minnesota, which was previously on-track to allow recreational use. Now, with an upcoming February vote, optimism is challenged. The apparent dangers of vaping need to be steered from the conversation of cannabis and more toward consumerism. The problem lies in untested products, how and to whom they are being marketed to—Not in flowers with scientifically proven benefits.

PTSD Patients Are Benefiting from Bud

A new study, published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology, examines the relationship between people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and cannabis. Cannabis consumers with PTSD experience less feelings of depression and suicidal tendencies than patients who do not use cannabis. Results of this study are being focused primarily toward veterans, who are most likely to develop PTSD. According to stats shared by a USA Today article, most American veterans live in Alaska, Montana, Virginia, and Wyoming, and neither Wyoming nor Virginia have fully legalized medicinal consumption. Studies like these could lead these non-believers in the right direction, as we raise awareness of benefits that can be applied to groups of people normally on opposing sides.

18-Year-Old Balloon of Weed Found Calcified in Man’s Nose

Yeah, you read that right. A Marijuana Moment article explains how a group of doctors discovered cannabis lodged deep inside a man’s nasal canal. The man sought out medical advice for repeated headaches. A CT scan tracked the object, and doctors pulled out a hardened object, which was further identified as being a type of plant matter conserved by a rubber exterior. It was then that the patient remembered the balloon filled with weed that he had stuffed up his nose while he was in prison, 18 years prior. We don’t condone breaking the law, but nostrils do seem to be more effective than…other cavity storage as long as you don’t ever need to sneeze.


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