High Pressure: FDA To Speed Up CBD Regulations

With CBD quickly making its way into the mainstream, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been under a lot of pressure to release regulations on the products that are appearing in retail all over the country. 

The use of the THC-free compound, CBD, was legalized by last year’s Farm Bill. However, rules and regulations are trailing rather slowly behind. While commissioners are noting that developing regulatory framework allowing CBD to be introduced into the food supply could take years, they claim to be doing everything they can to announce regulations by this fall. 

During a public hearing on May 31st, the FDA faced questioning and testimonies from industry stakeholders and policymakers. Now, with the pressure increasing, FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner and Acting Chief Information Officer Dr. Amy Abertnethy is promising acton. Taking to Twitter on July 12, Abernethy explained that the “FDA is expediting its work to address the many questions about cannabidiol (CBD).” 

Among those placing pressure on the FDA is Senator Ron Wyden, who sent a letter to the commissioner demanding the regulations come quicker. Specifically noting the FDA’s current estimate of years before regulation to be “fully unacceptable,” Wyden wants to see an interim policy by August 1. “The regulatory confusion and uncertainty surrounding CBD cannot continue for that length of time,” Wyden stated, according to The Hill

Matching Wyden’s position, Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConell has also met with the head of the FDA last month to advocate for regulations that allow for lawful marketing of CBD, specifically in terms of food and dietary supplement products. “While the 2018 Farm Bill included my provision to remove hemp, and its derivatives like CBD, from the list of controlled substances, CBD food and dietary supplement products remain in a gray area without clarification from the FDA,” he explained in a press release.

So now, with the pressure on high, we’re looking forward to seeing what comes of the FDA’s current claims.

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