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with an inherent interest in holistic and natural medicines, I was already a huge admirer of beet root powder as an organic stamina and endurance booster since my first experience in community college. However, when I came across Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company’s Turn Up the Beets honey sticks, I was more than intrigued to give them a go especially with my finals creeping up on me at Humboldt State University.

Full spectrum hemp extract, honey and beet root powder are all products that have incredible health benefits, including blood detoxification, natural energy boosting properties, and the ability to naturally fight inflammation, promote heart health, and create complete homeostasis within the body.

All three of these ingredients have finally become synthesized in a single, artistically crafted product. This medicinal masterpiece excited my mouth upon ingestion and was followed by an incredibly sweet earthy taste that I genuinely enjoyed.

Turn Up the Beets honey sticks can be easily consumed anytime of the day. When I needed a small boost of energy to stay focus, I would take one. I found myself afterwards flying through my study guides, anxiety free.  I was more relaxed and able to take on daily tasks and was motivated to go the extra mile with my work in a very grounded manner. I was not shaky, easily distracted, or drowsy, like when I use caffeine to study. Instead, I was more interested and involved in the tasks at hand.

Once I finished my work, I decided to try this product before heading out to the gym — and wow was I surprised with the results. I spent over two hours exercising harder than I ever have; I even forgot my headphones yet still maintained a consistent focus on my routine. I was not worried about how other people were perceiving me at the gym whereas normally I would catch myself looking around, pretty intimidated by the more in-shape individuals. However, this product had my self-confidence soaring. I even made some new workout friends. Usually I am fairly antisocial and introverted at the gym, but I caught myself having casual conversations throughout my experience. Overall these little honey sticks are pretty serious for their size!

Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company takes things to the next level when synthesizing these three ingredients into their artisan product line. With absolutely zero psychoactive properties, I would recommend this product to any level of cannabis consumer.

The company offers a wide variety of topicals and even a hydrosol to enhance your mood — all hemp infused of course. Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company is also crafting a variety of non-psychoactive pet products. If you don’t want to share your medicine with your four-legged friends, they have dog treats, oral pet spray, and are currently working on an infused horse tincture — which they claim can be used on domestic pets.

For more information, visit LittleFlowerHempCompany.com

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