We Want This Food: Bloom Sun Wraps

Vegan food does not always look pretty, and that’s just facts. Considering the healthy nature of such meals, aesthetics often pull second string, but Southern Humboldt County’s Bloom serves up raw, vegan, and gluten free bites that stun the senses with their beauty.

Edible flowers like pansies and nasturtiums dot a rainbow wrap, sometimes known as a sun wrap, with colorful flares that peek right through the rice wrapper. There’s no need to wonder what’s inside—the translucent and gluten free layer is a tasty rice product that soaks up all of the seasonings inside and you don’t have to guess, just enjoy.

With a seed, nut, and veggie mixture to mimic the substantial vibe of meats and a ‘sour cream’ that so far no one has been able to duplicate, Bloom is a must try. Since this is a vegan shop, offerings are meat free, cheese free, and don’t have byproducts or sauces that come from animals, it is friendly to many diets and disciplines. Even the meatiest meat eaters need the nourishment of vegetables once in awhile.

Both this restaurant’s proximity to the legendary gullies of Humboldt and it’s plentiful cannabis fans, we’ve heard rumors of customers dosing wraps with CBD tinctures, potent shatter, and other weed means after buying— but even without the extracurricular dosing, this spot brings takeaway to new and extremely Instagrammable heights.

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