We Want This Food: Chef Charleen’s Fruit Platter

Co-Founder of The People’s Dispensary, Charleen Cabay, has an extensive resume that includes killing it on Food Network’s Chopped, starting an edibles company, and creating beautiful food alongside great cannabis products.

Recently one of her epic creations was at Nurturing the Divine Feminine, an event put together by Women. Weed. WiFi.—an art collective based in Seattle that promotes women of color with a magazine, events, and both creative and business resources.

After all that networking, sharing, and community building, the crew needed serious sustenance, and Chef Charleen’s spread looked downright enticing.

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Piled high with tropical fruits like guava, rambutan, and copious bouquets of fresh cannabis leaves, she took inspiration from the cannabis harvest and turned it into a moveable feast. 

It is a beautiful way to display the true nature of cannabis, which is a terpene rich flora not unlike many of the fruits on the platter, and even without any infusion, cannabinoid, or ‘dose’ helps to educate even those of us who are considered weed professionals. Even when fan leaves are used as simple garnish, they make a huge visual impact. With what else is available to West Coast chefs, it is highly unlikely that there weren’t a few infused cannabinoid dippers like honey or chocolate nearby.

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A sweet treat for @womenweedwifi • Nurturing the Divine Feminine . . #mycurrentsituationpdx #chefcharleen #chikunflix #mytpdnational #womenweedwifi #pdxfood #foodie #pdxcatering #marijuana #cannabis #sonatabeats #kyletypebeats #notforprofitbeats

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Since people are still so afraid of cannabis leaves, edibles, and now vape pens thanks to some black-market BS, it’s a joy to see ‘legit’ chefs and above board cannabis entrepreneurs doing food pairings with the plant itself. 

If chefs like Cabay had their way, the gorgeous fare they create would change hearts and minds across the whole country, one instagram post at a time.

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