We Want This Food: Chef Ricky’s Braised Carrots

When you’re rocking with vegetables for dinner, the usuals come to mind, like potatoes, squashes, and brassicas like broccoli, but carrots are more than just a filler to mix in with other veg for color. Carrots are super nutritious and delicious all by themselves, even completely raw, but when given the chef treatment, they can be incredible.

Chef Ricky recently wrote the cookbook Cannabis and the Art of Infusion, and its full of tasty takes on everyday dishes. He also teaches the public how to do cook better at Sizzleworks, a culinary school in Bellevue, Washington, so its not just about the herb.

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Tonight at @sizzleworks we are teaching the braising people of our "Cookwise" series. These are some beautiful, braised rainbow carrots. Join us! thesizzleworks.com

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These basic but beautiful veggies are a great way to show off the potential for delicious cannabis infusion. Carrots already have loads of terpenes giving them that herbal, earthy crunch that we crave, and they go very well with the naturally occurring terpenes of many cannabis strains, especially citrusy sativas.

Try your own carrot canna combo by playing with complimentary flavors that you like, play up the herbaceousness with piney strains like Girl Scout Cookies and rosemary, or get to the fresh zing with Blue Dream buds.

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