5 CBD Facial Moisturizers to Transform your Routine

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ATTUNEIn every changing season, our skin adjusts to some pretty extreme temperatures and cruel conditions. On the days that the weather is most gruesome, CBD moisturizer always has our backs. It’s an essential step in keeping our skin barrier protected and youthful.

You may have already heard of topical creams infused with CBD to aid in joint pain or eczema. But CBD can also be beneficial in improving your complexion. The Journal of Clinical Investigation put out research which suggests that, because CBD is anti-inflammatory, it could help heal acne and can even inhibit your oil production. 

If you fall deep into the skincare-junkie rabbit hole some often find themselves in, it might be especially hard to find CBD creams specifically formulated for your face. Here’s a list of five skin-loving CBD facial moisturizers to try out:


  1. Radiate and Rejuvenate Face Cream by NFZD Beauty ($30)

CBD infused facial moisturizer, Photo Courtesy of NFZD Beauty

Photo Courtesy of NFZD Beauty

With 100 mg of CBD, this moisturizer is packed with rich oils and skin-soothing ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin B5. It’s also great if you’re looking to prevent signs of aging as it contains retinyl palmitate — a powerful antioxidant. Say goodbye to fine lines! You would also be supporting a Black-founded beauty company that prioritizes CBD skincare for darker skin tones.


  1. KARIBO CBD Facial Moisturizer by KARIBO Beauty ($19.99)

CBD infused facial moisturizer Photo Courtesy of KARIBO Beauty

Photo Courtesy of KARIBO Beauty

KARIBO Beauty’s Facial Moisturizer has a super simple recipe focused on ingredients that help to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It includes ceramides, niacinamide, and aloe vera to calm the skin. This might be the best moisturizer on this list for super sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a promising CBD oil in a light-weight moisturizer, you can trust that this moisturizer has been third party lab-tested to contain even more than the 50 mg of CBD advertised.

  1. Essential Facial Lotion by Ology Essentials ($39)

Photo Courtesy of Ology Essentials

Another simple lotion for the sensitive skin folks is this moisturizer by Ology Essentials. It’s packed with jojoba seed oil and hyaluronic acid for a super hydrating formula. It contains 100 mg of CBD and is free from synthetic preservatives. Ology Essentials is a small, family-founded beauty company in Tennessee that makes a range of CBD infused skin care including toners, cleansers, and serums.


  1. Moisturizing Face and Body Cream by Buena Botanicals ($32-46)

Photo Courtesy of Buena Botanicals

Founded by Afro-Latina twin sister duo, Buena Botanicals makes an insanely rich moisturizer that’s suitable for the face and body. One thing that makes this moisturizer stand out: it doesn’t contain any fragrance or essential oils, which makes it a good option for sensitive, dry skin. Its core ingredients are rich, organic emollients like shea butter and cocoa butter. This moisturizer has two different CBD infusions: options for 100 mg and 50 mg CBD per jar for varying sizes.


       5. CBD Face Cream by CBD For Life ($35)

CBD Face Cream Photo Courtesy of CBD For Life

Photo Courtesy of CBD For Life

CBD For Life’s moisturizer contains 100 mg of CBD and an extensive list of plant extracts. With extracts like licorice leaf, pine bark, cucumber, and chamomile high up in the ingredient list, you’re sure to reap the benefits of these potent extracts. It also contains hyaluronic acid, often heralded for its ability to retain 1,000 times its weight in water. In other words, you can bet this moisturizer will plump up your skin and leave it super hydrated. CBD For Life was co-founded by two sisters searching for relief from back pain. Their pursuit quickly expanded from a simple rub to a range of CBD-infused beauty products for the face and body alike.

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