Best Vape Ever: Sherbinskis Gello Gelato

Aside from the intense pleasure of seeing bright orange vape pens in general, Sherbinskis, known for premium flower and fashion forward collabs, is making incredible product.

From first puff, their Gello Gelato is among the tastiest and cleanest products we’ve tried in 2019. There’s none of that burning sensation that some vapes cause, and when paired with the faint lemony and potent pine of the strain’s notes, what you taste is what you get.

So the vape looks great, tastes great, hits great, but does it hit where it counts, in potency?

Safe to say even one pull of this pen gets effects cooking in moments. It’s not every day that something ticks all the boxes, and though disposable vapes aren’t our fav for the environment, the reusable battery keeps a charge for a super long time and is useable with other cartridges too. 

Though we probably wouldn’t use any other parts with this battery, and you can call that an aesthetic choice— this beautiful styling deserves its matched cartridge. Not to mention the superior quality of the concentrate inside, it’s really just a status piece.

We can’t wait to see what Sherbinski’s is up to this year, if the partnership with Barney’s is any indication, it’s going to be super lit.

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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