By Women, for Women: Meet MyJane’s Michelle Patterson

By Rita Thompson

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Consumers everywhere are reaping the health benefits of cannabis. Yet in a time when women are more interested in cannabis than ever, federal illegality is making it ever so difficult to find the information and resources one needs to choose the right products. One company led by some kick-ass women is fighting to provide those benefits that are so important to the world of women. From sleep, to pain, to nausea, MyJane and their chief experience officer, Michelle Patterson, are here to help. 

Striving to build a community of one million women united by cannabis, Patterson wants to help women own their own wellness. In a frankly saturated market full of every product the mind can imagine, it can be intimidating, to say the least, to know where to start. 

MyJane boxes are specially curated for every woman’s individual needs. Credit: MyJane

MyJane, a technology company and wellness community, is designed to empower women to feel better and discover the exact products that suit them personally. With a mission of demystifying the cannabis experience, MyJane offers education, awareness—and the first premium, curated cannabis experience in a box, tailored to meet women’s individual needs and wellness concerns.

As a leading lady of the cannabis industry, Patterson wants to help educate women on the options available to them so they have all of the information they need to choose what’s best for them, whether that be medical, or recreational. “Whatever path they choose, whether it’s using Western medicine, holistic or integrative,” she explained. 

Having spent ten years as exclusive event producer of the California Women’s Conference, Patterson took the experience as a sign that she was meant to advocate for women and vetted the different opportunities and resources that were available. Further carrying on to become chief experience officer of the membership community, MyJane, and CEO of media and production company, Women Network LLC, Patterson is the definition of cannabis c-suite WCW. 

“My Dad was in law enforcement his whole life and worked as a narcotic agent with the DEA. I was around cannabis my entire life, but it wasn’t until recently that I got more involved for medicinal purposes,” Patterson expresses. 

Cannabis took on a whole new role in Patterson’s life, though, after she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I didn’t know when I got into this industry that I would be in this situation,” says Patterson. “I’m feeling very fortunate that I am in the business to learn about cannabis protocols that are working.” 

“My first PET Scan came back with my cancer tumors shrinking 52%,” says Patterson in regards to how cannabis has impacted her battle. 

Patterson and MyJane CEO Kimberly Kovacs. Credit: Zeris O’Flinn

“In the act of going through this process for myself, it’s focused me on really uncovering what is best for me and not so much what others think,” she adds. “I’ve really gotten to know myself through this journey and what it is that my body is asking for and needs and wants.”

Through the normalization of cannabis for women’s wellness, Patterson’s personal goal with MyJane is to help women find natural solutions to amplify their heath, get better sleep and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

“By getting enough sleep, eliminating pain, anxiety and stress, we take care of the body as a whole,” Patterson expresses. “We’re here to normalize the experience and deliver choices to help you feel better.”

“My personal goal is to build a community of a million women who can have candid conversations about what experiences they’re having, the products that they’re using, what’s working and what’s not working,” she explains. That means “Having a conversation that doesn’t include fear. I want to help educate women on what is available out there and how they can own their wellness by making the decisions that are going to have the greatest impact to them personally.” 

While many women are curious about cannabis use for their health and overall wellbeing, even more are wishing they had someone to talk to about it. That’s where MyJane comes in. For women already using cannabis, or for those who haven’t, MyJane provides a supportive community of like minded women. 

They also produce educational events like panels and private parties, engaging new consumers through community involvement. MyJane is really honing in on solutions to the issues that women are facing everyday by curating a variety of resources, such as articles, events, and experts to help guide women’s experiences with cannabis.

“Our wellness providers can get you can get information specific to your needs. You will learn a lot and be able to use that as a catapult into other options,” Patterson explained.

Patterson wants to help women own their wellness. Credit: Sheri Geoffreys

“It’s mission is to demystify the cannabis experience for women through education and awareness, […] meet women’s individual needs, meet the needs of their loved ones, and address their most-cited wellness concerns,” Patterson tells the Emerald.

By providing four pillars of education, personalization, safe/convenient access, and technology, Patterson and MyJane are on a mission to empower women to feel better. 

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That is certainly a key to the MyJane community. By offering lots of content, sharing, and the latest research, women in this community have the opportunity to witness and participate in consumer validation. 

The MyJane team focuses on personalization to make sure that every woman is getting exactly the right products. Selections are made based on the health conditions most affecting the community member, which are curated into MyJane boxes to be delivered right to your doorstep. From topicals, to edibles, to vapes, they’ve got it all. Not to mention, users can expect boxes to be delivered by one of MyJanes many amazing female ambassadors. 

MyJane also hosts an app which allows users to share their thoughts on the products, preferences and more. In today’s technology based society, the app is taking advantage of the opportunity for connected community. 

So, in a world fighting the battles of both cannabis stigmatization and women’s rights, Patterson is providing a space to join the fight. 


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Image Source: Sheri Geoffreys

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