Canna I Have S’more?

As July heats up, everyone’s making plans to pack the camper and get outside. At the beach or in the woods, cooking up gourmet camp fare is half the fun. A beloved and foolproof classic, you can’t go wrong with toasty and sweet, soft and crunchy s’mores. For a grown-up, canna-friendly twist, bring a box of beautiful Mellows, from San Francisco’s own gourmet, medicinal marshmallow company. A 12-pack of assorted gourmet flavors lets everyone create their own uniquely flavored s’more, such as Strawberry Shortcake or Brown Butter Sage. The stylishly packaged Mellows are a labor of love, with each batch whipped, cut and decorated by hand.


Each square inch Mellow is the perfect size to roast over the campfire and bookend between a graham cracker and square of dark chocolate. While all the Mellows paired well with chocolate, we particularly loved the rich, salty flavor of Peanut Butter Pretzel and the nostalgic, rainbow sprinkles adorning the Birthday Cake.


As each Mellow is medicated with 5mg of THC, these s’mores are a great entry-level treat for the canna-curious. We always advise tried and true safety tips when consuming edibles – start with one and wait two hours for the full effect. Currently, you can only find Mellows at a handful of dispensaries throughout the Bay Area, so let your local dispensary know you’re interested in trying these gourmet, low-dose medicinal treats before summer is over!


Mellow S’mores



  • 1 box assorted flavors Mellows
  • 2 bars good quality dark chocolate
  • Box of graham crackers




You learned how to make s’mores at band camp, right? So we’ll assume you can manage. But consider adding a set of long, metal skewers to your packing list – you don’t want to lose a delicious Mellow due to a poorly selected roasting stick! Also, toss in a bag of regular marshmallows for the kiddos at the neighboring campsite or for THC-free seconds. Happy camping!

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