Effortless Entertainment: 10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine

10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine



As quarantine continues, just about everyone is in search of ways to pass the time. However, for many, the consistent pushes for quarantined productivity are overwhelming. 

First, we want you to know that it’s okay to take this time to do absolutely nothing. But, if you are looking for ways to enhance your days of reflection, relaxation, or recovery, podcasts are a great way to wind down and just listen. Not to mention, they can make listeners feel like they’re really in the company of the hosts, a form of socialization we could all benefit from during these times.  

Thus, here is our list of 10 Podcasts to try during quarantine. 


10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine


Up First

Brought to you by NPR, Up First is a great way to stay informed on what’s going on in the world around you. Episodes are posted daily and feature a variety of analysis on the three biggest headlines of that day. Aside from it being more important than ever to stay in the loop during this global crisis, Up First provides a great way to do so without the overwhelming nature that often comes from televised newscasts or radio. 


Capital Cathy

Capital Cathy is the Emerald’s show focused on funding a future for women and their experience in raising capital. With roughly 3% of investments going towards women-founded business, Capital Cathy aims to highlight the hurdles women face in financing and how to secure funding for their companies. Hosted by our very own Christina de Giovanni, each 30-minute episode features females in the industry and gives them a platform to share their own experiences and stories. 


Two Girls One Ghost 

This show is hosted by two best friends, bonded by their interest in paranormal activity. In each hour-long episodes hostesses Corinne Vien and Sabrina Deana-Roga tell the story of one haunted place or experience. The show often welcomes guests and listeners to join in with their own stories and experiences, keeping it consistently enticing. Two Girls One Ghost premiers new episodes every Sunday to give not only a scare but a laugh to both themselves and their listeners as they continue to hunt away at paranormality. 


Free Samples

Free Samples is a relatively short show that takes listeners through the history of borrowing, and sometimes stealing, within the music industry. Host, Aaron Thompson, connects the dots between popular songs and the samples that they so often take from their biggest influences. Turn to Free Samples to get a better understanding of song sampling; to uncover songs you haven’t heard before; and to learn more about the history behind your favorite hits. Episodes tend to last for 10 minutes, making it great start or end to the day. 



TalkUrSh!t is entertainment and comedy gold. The show’s host, Atina Rose, has an authentic and unfiltered nature that goes unmatched as she narrates all things “messy and out of pocket” in Generation Z dating! Each episode is 30 minutes to 1 hour long, and features various guests, topics, and stories related to sex and dating in 2020. Not to mention, Rose’s Instagram page is sure to have you laughing your ass off before you even press play. Look out for new episodes every #TalkUrSh!tTuesday. 


Under Cover

Another great show for music lovers is Under Cover. This show explores the creative process of various popular artists by means of cover songs. Each 10-minute episode features different artists discussing their memories, inspirations, and process behind reinterpreting a song that they know and love. Virtually anyone will find an episode of interest to them as the show features artists of all genres, from rapper Denzel Curry, to jazz icon Michael Bublé. 


High Friends

High Friends is the ultimate podcast for anyone (especially women) who love weed. Each hour-long episode features a different woman. Guests vary from politicians, to activists, patients, caregivers and more. As brand strategists and communication specialists, host Rachel Colic and Gill Polard make the perfect hosts for the show. Focusing on women’s influence in a traditionally male-dominated industry, featured topics have ranged from cannabis research to retail space design. 


Stuff You Should Know

Known for well, knowing things, is iHeartRadio’s Stuff You Should Know. The show’s title is pretty self-explanatory, so we’ll leave it to host’s Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark to tell you the rest. 



If you’re looking for more of a commitment and love a good story, check out Sarah Koenig’s Serial. Brought to you by the creators of This American Life, investigative journalist, Koenig, dedicates each season to a different non-fiction story. For an idea of what to expect, Season 1 shares the 1999 story of a high-school senior named Hae Min Lee, who disappeared one day after school in Baltimore County, Maryland. In its first three seasons of life, this show has already won every major broadcasting award. 


Another Round 

The award-winning podcast hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, Another Round, is brought to you by Buzzfeed’s all-women audio team, The Pop Squad. Each episode hones-in on race, gender, and pop culture. The show often features interviews with authors, politicians, social justice leaders, and civil rights activists. each episode includes a lot of booze, witty jokes, and laughter. Nigatu and Clayton describe their show as “happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet” which includes lots of booze, witty jokes, and laughter. 



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