Humblemaker Cold Brew Shots

Humblemaker Cold Brew Shots packaging

While a shot of vitamins or some Emergen-C may help keep you healthy this winter — perhaps a cold brew will too. 

This week I tried out three cold brew shots from Humblemaker Coffee. They are a California-based coffee company created by two fathers who donate 10% of their profits to help raise funds for therapy and activities for children with Autism. They even started their own movement, #tenforautism.

The Cold Brews

The three different types of cold brew shots include: Boomtown — a multivitamin shot, La Fonda — an antioxidant shot, and Black Sea — a cognitive health shot. They come in packs of eight for $30 each, or you can purchase variety packs. A three pack costs $12, and a nine pack is $32. 

Each 2 ounce shot contains 115 mg of caffeine, has zero sugar, and is dairy free. They all have slightly different mixtures, so each one will have different vitamins in it. 

The Boomtown shot — a triple strength black coffee — is a multivitamin shot that is supposed to help with energy, wellness, and whole body health. 

The Black Sea shot is a cognitive health shot that’s supposed to improve clarity,  memory, energy, and reaction time. According to the company, the “Turkish Coffee cold brew shot is brewed with real cardamom and clove that’s packed with L-Theanine and Ginseng […].”

The La Fonda shot is Humblemaker’s Mexican coffee blend. It is an antioxidant shot that’s supposed to boost energy and cellular protection. The blend is also marketed as an anti-free radical, which is just a fancy way of saying it adds more vitamins to your diet.

Better Than a Cup of Coffee?

I found it really hard to drink these shots. I’m not a big coffee drinker to begin with, but I love a little caffeine as much as the next person. However, I had two other people test these shots with me. We all found them to taste extremely sour at first, which made it almost hard to swallow. 

However I was surprised that there was hardly any aftertaste. They didn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth, which was nice after how bitter they were to drink initially. 

Due to the cinnamon and cacao in the La Fonda shot, I found that one to be the most pleasant tasting of the three. But the sourness was still overpowering for me and made it difficult to drink the shot at all.

I personally did not feel any of the intended effects of these shots. In fact, I have felt more energy from a can of soda than I did from these. I didn’t notice any differences in my mood or my productivity. I think I would rather just drink a regular cup of coffee, smoke a joint, or even have some CBD. 

I love what this company stands for, and I support their efforts to raise money for Autism research. But I don’t think I would recommend these cold brew shots unless you really don’t mind sour/bitter tastes. Who knows, maybe the sourness will help kickstart your mornings, but it just made me want to go back to bed. 

Rating: 1.0/5.0 Emeralds


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