Instant CannaGratification: Pure Bloom CBD Nectar

CBD may seem like it’s come far, but it has such a long way to go. The prevalence of oily tinctures is narrow form dosing, it must be used sublingually for best results and doesn’t truly dissolve. Though this is an excellent method for consuming CBD, some of us want more options for consistent microdosing all day long.

If cannabinoids like CBD can help the body achieve stasis, you’ll find us drinking it, eating it, and rubbing it everywhere. Though not all of the CBD may make it into your body if you consume it internally, there are receptors on every part of it’s journey that you may be trying to target.

This is why (mostly) water soluble products like Pure Bloom’s CBD Nectar are so great to have in your kit if you want a less oily way of dosing cannabidiol.

A yummy addition to deserts, sodas, or under the tongue, CBD Nectar has a pleasant sweetness that doesn’t shock the pallette, and a soft vanilla that tastes like the real thing, with no artificial off-ness. The bottle is also hella strong with 1250mg of CBD. Clocking in at 42mg per dropper, which is quite a potent dose—this is an excellent move for people seeking pain relief or sleep aids.

Anyone using CBD for anxiety relief should use much less than a whole dropper, and there’s no psychedelic effects with this product, like many other CBD offerings. Try Pure Bloom CBD Nectar for a higher dose that comes in a great flavored base, kind of rare among CBD tinctures.

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